Back in June, Marvel finally put an end to months of casting speculation by announcing that Tom Holland will play the new Peter Parker in Spider-Man. Fans will get to see the new Spidey in action in Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters on May 6. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten our first official look at the new costume yet. Earlier today, Tom Holland posted a video on Instagram, which shows that he's hard at work trying to perfect some of Spidey's acrobatic moves, including a flip known as the "side summy." Here's what he had to say to his Instagram followers.

"Damn Tom! Back at it again with the side summy. Took me ages to get this down. So happy to have my airtrick back. #happydays!!"
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In August, just months after he was cast, Tom Holland posted videos on his Instagram page, showing off his Spider-Man-esque rock-climbing and back-flipping skills, while he was on vacation with his family. Then in November, he shared another video at a U.K. training facility known as GymAid LTD, where he was seen performing a number of flips on an Airtrack mat. It seems the actor has gotten his very own Airtrack mat for training purposes, with this new video showing his numerous attempts to land a side summy flip successfully.

It has previously been confirmed that Spider-Man will take Peter Parker back to high school, while skipping the origin story that has already been told twice on the big screen. There have been rumors that Spider-Man will be the first of three or four stand alone movies, each of which will take place during one year of high school, with Peter juggling his high school life while fighting crime throughout New York. It still isn't known how large of a role Spidey will have in Captain America: Civil War, but a report from last week teased that this beloved character doesn't surface until after all of the previously-established MCU characters choose a side to fight for.

Tom Holland's Peter Parker is said to "form a relationship" with one of the heroes after his introduction. In the Civil War comics, Spidey initially sides with Iron Man before switching sides to join Cap. When Tom Holland auditioned for the role, he was said to have tested with both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. while production was under way in Atlanta last year, so we'll have to wait and see where his allegiance lies in this movie. As for Spidey's costume, some have speculated that we'll see Peter Parker in a homemade outfit as well as the Iron Spider armor, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Tom Holland is still the only cast member officially signed on for the reboot so far, but we reported several months ago that Marisa Tomei is Marvel's top choice to play Aunt May. The actress' involvement has still not been confirmed yet. Director Jon Watts also hinted that another beloved comic book character, Miles Morales may be popping up in Spider-Man. Jon Watts is directing from a script by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein, with Kevin Feige producing alongside Amy Pascal. Sony and Marvel have already set a July 28, 2017 release date, but it isn't quite clear when production may begin. Take a look at Tom Holland's burgeoning aerial skills below, and stay tuned for more on Spider-Man.