Spider-Man's future on the big screen is currently in a state of flux, but that has not stopped the titular live-action star from airing his desires for the character's future. In an episode of Actually Me over at GQ, Tom Holland answered a host of fan questions, with one of them being rather prying as to whether he would be willing to share the screen with alternate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, "Do you think that both Miles [Morales] and Peter [Parker] could co-exist in the same universe, or do you think Peter would have to die first before they establish Miles?"

Tom Holland was somewhat taken aback by the thought of his iteration of Spider-Man having to die. But expressed his gleeful willing to swing alongside the black-suited Spidey.

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"Well, I hope that doesn't happen, because I would love to share the screen with Miles Morales. I think that would be really cool."

It would be really cool, indeed. Though Holland seems very eager to join forces with another Spider-Man, he really does not seem too keen on having to due to make way for him.

"I don't want to die, because I really love playing Peter Parker."

Despite being the third big screen, live-action Spider-Man, Holland has really made the role his own and proven himself a highlight amongst the smorgasbord of great characters in the MCU, so his likelihood of dying seems very unlikely and would certainly bother a lot of fans. Of course, with the dramatic situation the character finds himself in at the moment, this time caused by warring studios rather than murderous super-villains, Holland could be taking off the mask sooner than anyone would like.

Though there have been assurances from the actor that he is in safe hands at Sony, in this dog-eat-dog world of comic book movies who knows what awaits around the corner. Assuming though that he will be donning the red and blue spandex for years to come, Holland's enthusiasm for a team-up with Miles Morales is an intriguing one, and could well be the direction that Sony takes now that the character has been lifted out of the MCU.

Miles Morales was introduced in the pages of 2011's Ultimate Comics Fallout #4, by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, with the character soon taking over the role of the famous wall-crawler after Peter Parker's untimely demise. An Afro-Latino teenager, Marvel were applauded for the diverse change to one of their iconic characters, and Miles soon became as beloved as his predecessor in the superhero role.

Despite the numerous live-action iterations of the character over the years, neither Marvel or Sony has ever introduced Miles Morales. He was, however, the main focus of last year's seminal animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, a film so well received that it would come as no surprise to anyone if Sony now wanted to follow-up such success by folding some of those elements into their now standalone Spider-Man universe. With Holland seemingly onboard, perhaps now is the time to bring Miles, and the Spider-verse, into live-action. This news comes from GQ's Youtube channel.