Shortly after it was announced that Sony Pictures and Marvel had agreed to share Spider-Man, with a new actor taking over the role from Andrew Garfield, it was rumored that The Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief headliner Logan Lerman were the two front runners for Peter Parker. Both actors are 23, with Sony and Marvel said to be looking at someone who can play 'high school age'. While the youthful Dylan O'Brien appears to fit the bill, the actor told BuzzFeed that he hasn't heard anything about the role.

"Professionally, I haven't heard anything about it. I've only heard from, like, [rumors] online. It feels so weird to say. It's so funny. My friends from New Jersey are calling me. They're like, what are you not telling me, dude?! Spider-Man?! It makes me feel bad because I'm, like, disappointing a big chunk of fans across the nation. You can tell them that it's not true."

While the rumor may not be 'true' yet, that doesn't mean Dylan O'Brien has turned his nose up at the part. Far from it. He would love to play Peter Parker, and loves being mentioned alongside Logan Lerman:

"It's nothing but flattering. It's never something I would want to get myself excited about, since I know I haven't heard about it from a professional standpoint. I've always wanted to play Peter Parker, obviously. I feel like any actor my age, that's, like, a big thing. And my name being tossed with Logan Lerman's is the coolest thing ever, too. I just think that kid is [frick]ing fantastic. It's really just, you know, I guess I'll see if I even hear about it? But thank you, internet, for giving me false hope!"

At this time, it isn't even quite clear if Peter Parker will be the focus of the Spider-Man reboot, with some rumors claiming that Sony and Marvel are looking for a non-white actor to play an African-American or Latino version of the character. Its possible that the new movie will revolve around Miles Morales, a half-Latino, half-African American teen who assumed the Spider-Man identity in the comic books. However it plays out, right now, it doesn't sound like Dylan O'Brien is up for the part. But then again, he could just be playing coy.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange