/amy-pascal-sony-pictures/Yesterday, it was announced that Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal had exited her post to focus on another production venture inside the studio. Now, many are questioning what will happen with the Spider-Man franchise and the much-talked about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequels, as well as the long-planned Cleopatra movie. While it has often been discussed, especially in light of the Sony hack this past year, it is more expected than ever that Spider-Man will be rebooted under the new Sony leadership.

It's speculated that it could be several months before the 'post-Pascal priorities' come into focus for the hurting studio. And the true outcome and fate of these movies depends on who will eventually take over for Amy Pascal. It is suspected that the former co-chair's top lieutenant Doug Belgrad will land the job. If that happens, there will likely be minimal changes made to Sony Pictures current film line-up.

Amy Pascal will hold her position as Co-Chairman of SPE and Chairman of the Motion Picture Group until sometime in May, then she will quietly segue into her production deal with Sony. There are a couple of others waiting in the wings that could possibly take her old position. They include former Fox studio chief Tom Rothman, head of Sony's TriStar Pictures. Columbia Pictures production president Michael De Luca, who headed-up New Line during the 1990s, is also in the running.

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It's believed that current Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Michael Lynton is opposed to 'tinkering' with the projects currently being developed by Tom Rothman and Jeffrey Robinov at Studio 8, where the Spider-Man franchise is housed. Rebooting the series will be one of the biggest decisions Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal's successor will face, and it has been something often discussed in the passing months. While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did respectable business last summer, it wasn't the blockbuster that everyone was expecting. The entire franchise, including any spinoffs and sequels, is going to be re-examined this year. And the new regime will possibly return to negotiations with Marvel Studios for a crossover movie or sharing of characters.

Back in July, Sony moved The Sinister Six to November 11 2016, while stalling The Amazing Spider-Man 3 for two years, until 2018. The idea was to make Sony and it's Spider-Man franchise a strong competitor against Disney and Marvel and Warner Bros. and DC in the coming years. While it will be sometime before there is any official word, it sounds more likely than ever that Andrew Garfield will be replaced as Peter Parker.

But the Spider-Man franchise isn't the only series Sony has to worry about. They also have Uncharted set for a summer release, with the video game adventure to debut in June of next year. It took the slot originally occupied by The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and is expected to launch a new Indiana Jones-style franchise for the studio. It is not known how production will be affected by Amy Pascal's departure. Also being affected by this change is Sony's relationship with producer Scott Rudin, who's Steve Jobs biopic was put into turnaround at the studio before being picked up by Universal Pictures late last year. The most prominent of his current projects are two sequels to 2011's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. While the original did respectably at the box office with a global take of $230 million, Sony hasn't been in too much of a hurry to green lit the the follow-ups The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Now, with Amy Pascal going away, it's even more doubtful that these two movies will move forward, at least not any time soon.

Scott Rudin was also developing a Little House on the Prairie big screen reboot, but that looks to have stalled. It's believed that it may become one of the films Amy Pascal produces as part of her new production company with Sony, but that has not been confirmed. It also isn't known what will happen to the planned Cleopatra remake that was set to star Angelina Jolie. The actress was reportedly upset over some of the emails that leaked from the Sony Hack, in which Scott Rudin mocked her. It now seems more than likely that this movie will also head to another studio, just as Steve Jobs did. The emails concerning Angelina Jolie have also seemingly put Salt 2 in jeopardy, though Scott Rudin is not a producer on that particular movie.

At this time, it looks as though the Ghostbusters and 21 Jump Street franchises are safe, and won't be affected. Though, things don't look too good for Men In Black, and it's not known at this time if the proposed crossover with Jump Street will ever actually happen. However this turns out, we can at least expect to see some big changes in terms of the Spider-Man franchise. It is one of the biggest money earners for Sony, and they aren't going to let it go without a fight.

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B. Alan Orange