We know that a new Spider-Man movie is coming in 2017, and according to a report from last week, Sony & Marvel have narrowed down their casting search to two actors, Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe. When this new Spider-Man reboot was announced, which will be the third version of the character in less than 15 years, many had hoped that the studios would go in a different direction, showcasing either the African-American teenager Miles Morales as Spidey or any other version of the character besides Peter Parker. This time around, we're getting a much younger version of the character, but, as it turns out, there is actual contractual language that prevents Miles Morales from becoming the main 'Spider-Man' on the big screen.

A licensing agreement leaked through the Sony hack reveals that the big screen Spider-Man must always be a white, straight male, according to Gawker. The character also cannot smoke tobacco, sell or distribute illegal drugs, abuse alcohol or have sex before the age of 16. What's interesting is this language says nothing about Peter Parker actually using drugs, just that he can't sell and/or distribute them. It's possible that this loophole could be exploited at some point, with a down-on-his-luck Peter Parker slipping into the world of illegal drugs, but who knows.

It's worth noting that, before Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe were mentioned as the finalists for Spider-Man, all of the other contenders such as Asa Butterfield, Judah Lewis and Matthew Lintz fit the description laid out in these leaked documents. That doesn't mean we'll never see Miles Morales on screen. It's possible that he could be used as a supporting character. But it seems clear from these leaked agreements that, even if he does show up in the movies, he will never take over the Spider-Man mantle. It isn't known if these leaked documents were drafted during Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man deal, or if they date back to the companies' original licensing agreement for the first Spider-Man trilogy. At any rate, take a look at the leaked excerpts below, and chime in with your thoughts.