One of the most highly-anticipated video games of recent years has been the upcoming Spider-Man video game exclusive to the PlayStation 4. From the looks of the demo footage, this game is set to be highly detailed and actually capture the abilities of Spider-Man. While Spider-Man themed games in the past have touched on his abilities, they never felt quite real. Some games would have Spider-Man swing from webs stuck to nothing but the sky, whereas other games never truly captured the hero's flexibility and agility.

Since the announcement of this new Spider-Man game, Spider-Man fans have been wildly excited, ready to finally be able to experience the hero to his full potential. The game was originally announced to release back in 2017, but that changed as the development of the game took longer than anticipated. After the delay, no one really knew when to expect the video game. That all changed today.

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This morning, the long-awaited release date was finally announced to be September 7, 2018, which is only a few months away! This is certainly good news, considering how many people were expecting the game to not release until the end of the year at the earliest.

In addition to the release date, the crew at Sony also announced the DLC additions to the game and a pre-order bonus. If someone preorders the game, they will receive a bonus of three different Spider-Man suits. The only announced Spider-Man suit at this time is the "Spider-Punk" suit, which features Spider-Man in a jean jacket, a funky-looking suit design, and a spiked mohawk. The other two pre-order exclusive suits are yet to be announced.

If you are interested in purchasing the Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man, which will cost you $20 more, it was announced that the package will include the DLC titled "Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps," which will include a 

new storyline, more suits, and an abundance of more enemies.

Considering that this game has been in development for four years now, we are sure to expect a great deal from it when it finally releases later this year. The gameplay demos we have seen shows it to have some truly fun and amazing features, and this addition of new suits and enemies only makes us more excited for it to finally release.

While many people are disappointed that the game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, considering that many people will now have to buy an entirely new console just to play the game, it is sure to be worthwhile. Rather than focusing on setting up controls so they work on all devices, the game developers can specialize the controls and abilities of Spider-Man to make sure they reach their full potential on one console.

Now that we finally have a release date, many excited players are sure to start their countdown. Only a few months now rest between us and the release of this game. Spider-Man is sure to be worth the wait, making up for the delays with absolutely stunning gameplay. This comes from the official Sony Playstation blog.

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