Last week, one of the casting rumors surrounding Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man was shot down, when actor Dylan O'Brien said he isn't in contention to play Peter Parker. There have been reports swirling over the past few months that both studios are seeking a much younger actor to play this new version of Spider-Man, which will primarily be set at Midtown High. Over the weekend, British actor Sam Strike (EastEnders) and his agent Lee Morgan sent out a few cryptic tweets that have lead many to believe he has been cast as Spider-Man.

The actor revealed that he is starting to hit the gym again for a role that he can't say anything about, while his manager said earlier today that his client, "has been offered the lead role in a very big US film." Naturally, this could be any number of "very big US films," but the 21-year-old actor is in the right age range that Marvel and Sony are looking at. However, Latino Review's El Mayimbe chimed in this morning to reveal that the actor was "probably cast" in either X-Men: Apocalypse or Deadpool, since Marvel and Sony are still, "actively casting and reading a lot of teen actors to play 15 years old."

Of course, these details have yet to be confirmed by the studios at this time. Drew Goddard, who was previously working on the Spider-Man spinoff The Sinister Six, has reportedly come aboard to write and direct the reboot, although that hasn't been confirmed yet either. This reboot is said to feature both Spider-Man and the Sinister Six together, but there is still the possibility of a Sinister Six spinoff in the future. Before this new Spider-Man reboot hits theaters in 2017, the character will first appear in an unconfirmed Marvel movie, which is believed to be Captain America: Civil War. While we wait for any confirmed details to surface, take a look at tweets from Sam Strike and El Mayimbe below.