Early on, it was believed that Kraven the Hunter would be the big bad villain in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot set for 2017. Now comes word that, while this might still be true, another villain is going to show up altogether, and it's one that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried desperately to set up, yet we never got to see come to fruition. Yes, if this latest rumor pans out, Adrian Toomes will be haunting a young Peter Parker's nightmares.

BMD came across this information while prowling the streets of Las Vegas during the CinemaCon convention currently happening in the heart of the city. They also claim that Spider-Man: Homecoming is the official title, and may possibly be confirmed during Sony Pictures big CinemaCon presentation happening later today. Spider-Man: Homecoming was recently registered by Sony as a URL domain name, along with three other possible titles. It not only references the fact that Spidey is coming home to Marvel Studios (sort of), it is also the title of a comic book story arc that featured cameos from both Iron Man and Captain America.

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As for Adrian Toomes, that has not been confirmed, and probably won't come up during the CinemaCon panel. You might otherwise know this grizzled old villain as The Vulture. Though, it isn't known if this will be the main villain or simply the bad guy defeated during the opening act of the movie, reintroducing Spidey and his particular skill set after he makes his debut appearance in this summer's Captain America: Civil War. Previous rumors claim that The Vulture is only getting a cameo. Which opens the door for Kraven to be the main foe here.

Sam Raimi was set to use Vulture as the main villain in his Spider-Man 4 movie before it was canceled by Sony Pictures. The iconic Marvel character was then being set up as part of the The Sinister Six spinoff before it got canceled. There is no concrete proof that we'll finally get to see The Vulture on the big screen in 2017, but his inclusion does sound like a fun one. We'll have to wait until later in the day to see if Spider-Man: Homecoming is truly the title of this reboot. Stick around, we'll have that news for you as it breaks.