Tom Holland has made some new comments regarding the messy situation between Disney and Sony over the Spider-Man franchise. As Marvel fans are surely aware at this point, Peter Parker will no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Sony and Disney have ended their unique deal that allowed for the character to appear alongside his fellow Avengers. Now, in a new interview, Holland has nothing to express but positivity.

Recently, Tom Holland, who has played Spider-Man since the character's MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War, addressed the situation at D23, telling that crowd "I love you 3000," in a nice little nod to Avengers: Endgame. In a recent profile of the young actor, Holland didn't pick a side and assures everyone that the property is in good hands over at Sony. Here's what Holland had to say about it.

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"I'm not shy about expressing how incredible the last five years have been with Marvel. I've truly had the time of my life, and in so many respects, they have made my dreams come true as an actor. Sony has also been really good to me, and the global success of Spider-Man: Far From Home is a real testament to their support, skill and commitment. The legacy and future of Spidey rests in Sony's safe hands. I really am nothing but grateful, and I've made friends for life along the way."

One has to respect Tom Holland's class here. Essentially, the actor is in the middle of something of an ugly situation between two massive corporations. Yet, he's keeping a cool head and remaining intensely positive, while not throwing any shade at either side. It's pretty remarkable. That said, some fans may have doubts about his sentiment.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has a proven track record with the MCU. Sony, meanwhile, arguably hasn't made a good live-action Spider-Man movie on its own since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. While the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a major success, that's a bit of a different ballgame. And yes, Venom was financially successful, but it was critically lamented. Point being, it's easy to imagine why some would be worried about Sony handling the franchise without Feiger and the power of the MCU.

All of this could wind up being for nothing. There are persistent rumors that Sony and Disney are going to return to the table and negotiate some sort of deal to keep Spidey in the MCU. It would certainly behoove both sides, it would seem, to make that happen. Whether or not that can happen remains to be seen. Either way, Tom Holland remains committed to the character and seems confident things will work out come time for Spider-Man 3 to begin filming. Even if it will have to explain itself away from the MCU, which is no small thing. Let's hope Holland is right. This news comes to us via GQ.