It looks like Spider-Man is going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come. Back in 2015, Sony, who still owns the rights to the character and his entire rogues gallery, cut a deal with Marvel Studios to allow for Peter Parker to appear alongside his fellow Avengers over in the MCU. The contract is set to expire after a third solo movie is made, but according to producer Amy Pascal, Sony is eager to extend the deal beyond that.

This reveal comes as part of a wide-ranging interview, in honor of the release of the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which arrives in theaters this weekend. Amy Pascal was asked about the possibility of Marvel Studios and Sony parting ways once their current contract ends. Pascal, a key producer of the Spider-Man franchise and other related spin-offs, for her part, seems more than eager to keep this train on the tracks. Here's what she had to say about it.

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"I think about crying. I can only hope for a future where things work out. I've known Kevin since he was Avi's very, very quiet assistant, who for many years sat in that room listening to us and being so much smarter than any of us without any of us realizing. I will say that working with Marvel has been one of the highlights of my professional career."

While Amy Pascal doesn't speak for all of Sony, she clearly represents the studio's best interests and, so far, it would seem that this deal has worked out quite well for them. Spider-Man: Homecoming made $880 million worldwide last year and was met with a great deal of praise from both fans and critics alike. That's more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made and the quality was trending downward with that series. Tom Holland's Peter Parker, meanwhile, has been widely embraced and brought something fresh to the character.

While Marvel Studios produces the solo movies with Sony, it's Sony who retains the profits at the box office. And those profits are surely bolstered by the appearances Spidey makes in movies like Captain America: Civil War and this year's Infinity War. It stands to reason that next year's Spider-Man: Far from Home well benefit greatly from the part the character had to play in those movies, as well as the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

The contract initially included three MCU movies, which will have been finished up after Avengers: Endgame, and three Spider-Man solo movies, leaving one left after Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters in July 2019. For Sony, there could be some value in taking control of the character fully again, as Venom was a huge hit and they could possibly make use of him in their blossoming spin-off universe. But really, they're probably much better off letting Spidey do his thing in the larger MCU, while mining the other characters they have for further spin-offs. In any event, it doesn't sound like fans need to be concerned about this deal coming to a close. This news was first reported by Vanity Fair.