Sony is doubling down on their Spider-Man spin-offs as they've just dated two untitled Marvel movies for 2020. Even though the studio isn't saying what these movies are at the present time, it's quite easy to figure out. Venom 2 and Morbius are the most likely candidates and, while the studio hasn't confirmed those are indeed the titles intended for those dates, it seems like a safe bet. Variety reporter Justin Kroll had this to say on Twitter.

"Sony dates two untitled Marvel-Spidey spin-offs. First is a non-sequel opening July 10, 2020, second is a sequel opening Oct. 2, 2020. My guesses are Morbius the Living Vampire for July date and Venom 2 for October. story coming shortly"
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With Venom having a record-breaking run at the box office, it makes perfect sense that a sequel is going to get made as quickly as they can manage to do so. Thus far, the movie has made more than $780 million worldwide, outgrossing every single X-Men movie, including Deadpool. Since the first movie also arrived in early October, it makes perfect sense that Sony would date Venom 2 for October 2, 2020.

As for Morbius, which has Jared Leto attached to star as the character known in the world of Marvel Comics as "The Living Vampire," it's the spin-off furthest along in the development process. Leto recently teased production is drawing near. Daniel Espinosa (Life) has been tapped to direct. If filming does get underway soon, that July 10, 2020, date is very realistic. It also gives the studio a comic book movie right in the heart of the summer movie season. At the present time, Marvel Studios doesn't have any movies officially dated for 2020, as they're waiting until Avengers 4 arrives to reveal more details about their future slate.

Ever since Sony decided to cut a deal with Marvel Studios to allow for Spider-Man to appear alongside his fellow Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they've been trying to find a way to make use of the characters they have at their disposal. Spidey has a massive rogue's gallery and Sony has hundreds of characters they can exploit, as they did with Venom this year. Since that movie has been such a resounding success, they're going to press forward with sequels and more spin-offs.

For years, Sony has had a really rough time in the comic book movie game. That's why they ultimately let Spider-Man head on over to the MCU. But, despite what critics seem to think, Venom has gone on to become a huge success and it appears as though they're feeling quite confident about their ability to turn some of these lesser-known, Spidey-adjacent characters into big franchises. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on these currently untitled Marvel projects come to light. Feel free to check out Justin Kroll's Twitter post below.