Will a different Spidey web be spun(-off)? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is looking to branch off of its Spider-Man franchise with a sequel centering on the villain Venom. However, it seems that there may be a long road ahead for this film.

The trade reports that Sony had ordered a draft from Mean Creek scribe Jacob Estes, although now it is reported that the studio wants a different take on the subject and is now searching for different writers for this potential spin-off.

It seems that casting is up for grabs as well. While Topher Grace portrayed the Venom character in Spider-Man 3 last year, but the part is being offered around town and it is believed that the studio doesn't feel that Grace can anchor a summer tentpole release.

Sony does have Spider-Man 4 in development as well, but the pic isn't slated for release until 2011.