The bitter war between Sony and Disney over the rights to Spider-Man has been rocking the Marvel fandom for the past week. With new stories and rumors breaking every hour about Tom Holland being removed from future Spider-Man movies, Spidey continuing to be a part of the MCU's Avengers movies, Sony planning a new Spider-Man movie universe etc, it was up to Tom Holland to finally lay rest to the endless speculations surrounding the cinematic future of everyone's favorite wall-crawling hero.

This is something Tom Holland managed to do somewhat with his appearance at Keystone Comic Con. When a fan asked what made his take on Spider-Man different from other actors who had played the role before, the young star had a generous response:

"I was obviously much younger than Tobey and Andrew were. We really tried to hone in on the high school thing, and for us, we tried to make a film about a regular kid with irregular problems. And what makes our version of Peter Parker and Spider-Man so special is he's like the most relatable superhero there's ever been. It's hard to relate to Tony Stark because he's a billionaire, Captain America's a super soldier, Thor's a god, but Peter Parker is just a kid from Queens.

So making him this person that every single person in the room can relate to, and then what Jon Watts did so well is casting such a diverse group of people to play his best friends. Everyone in the world can relate to our movies in some way, shape or form. So it wasn't just my doing that made it so different. It was the creatives at Sony, Marvel and Jon Watts."

By crediting both Sony and Jon Watts, who was selected by Disney to helm Holland's Spider-Man films, the actor has begun the task of pouring oil on troubled waters and establishing some semblance of goodwill between the two giant production companies over the Spider-Man property.

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There is also a lot of truth behind the statement that both Sony and Disney deserve credit for the success of the franchise. After all, while the MCU was responsible for introducing Spider-Man to the larger Marvel cast of superheroes and making him a part of The Avengers, it must be remembered that Sony is responsible for making the two greatest Spider-Man films of all time, which might also be the greatest superhero films of all time: Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse.

So all the fans who are upset that Spider-Man is leaving the MCU can take solace in the fact that Holland himself is quite optimistic about the movie future of the webbed wall crawler. Another good thing about Sony's involvement with the superhero is that fans will now get the opportunity to see Spidey go toe-to-toe against Tom Hardy's Venom and the rest of the characters from the Spider-Man comics that Sony is currently using to build their own MCU-equivalent cinematic universe. This news comes from

Neeraj Chand