No one was quite prepared for the devastation that Hurricane Harvey would leave in its wake, or the flooding throughout Houston that would ensue. It will be weeks, months, perhaps even years before any semblance of order is restored, with relief efforts well in place to solve the problem. But it's not an easy problem by any means, and many families are being left without nothing more than the clothes on their back. While fire, police and rescue workers deserve every ounce of credit during this time of need, there is also one man who deserves a quick shout out for helping misplaced children who are scared of the situation they suddenly find themselves in. And that man is...Spider-Man?

Yes, one lone man dressed as Spider-Man has taken it upon himself to brave the chilly Texas floodwater to help various kids cope with being stranded in a shelter, scared of what comes next. It wasn't Tom Holland who dressed up in the Spidey suit to visit children at the George R. Brown Convention Center shelter in Houston. It was an anonymous individual who decided to kill some downtime during this devastating moment in American history to give kids a much needed smile.

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At the time of his first visit, there were already 9,000 evacuees housed within the Houston Convention Center. Spider-Man was but one of the many images that have come flooding out of Texas that show a community's power of kindness, strength and the human condition. That has shined through the worst of times. And these images come on the heels of a very ugly and dark period, with the events that happened in Charlottesville just mere weeks ago, in stark contrast. One moment images of white and black America going to war were flooding TV sets, now we see various races scrambling to help save one another.

But Spider-Man gets a special shout out because, well, everyone knows Spider-man. And when he shows up to bring a few smiles to a very dark situation, it makes everyone happy and a little less afraid of the situation. Which is all the man behind the mask was hoping for in this time of need. It was a minor effort on his part. But it was a welcome one, none the less.

Spider-Man first showed up this past Tuesday. And his presence made quite a few miserable kids quite happy. If only for an hour or two. The man in question didn't want to take off the mask, wanting to neither break the illusion or receive any credit he might receive, knowing there are rescue workers out in the field doing way more than he possibly could.

Spider-Man's efforts didn't go unnoticed though, and video of his visit soon went viral. Which you can see in the video below. Spider-Man himself was a victim of the flood, and he didn't have much in the way to offer the kids. But he did have some stickers he was able to hand out. And that seemed to be enough of a distraction for some of the really young and frightened kids. So far an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 homes have been completely destroyed by the floodwater that is still raging through Houston. 51 inches of rain fell on some parts of Texas. And so far, the storm has led to 13 deaths. Spider-Man's efforts aren't much in that kind of devastation. But it's nice to have him around, if nothing more than for the comfort of kids who really can't quite comprehend the situation they have found themselves in. Check out the tweets first pointed to by The Hollywood Reporter.

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