Tom Holland is ready for a Peter Parker and Wolverine team-up movie. The Spider-Man: Far from Home star is out promoting the upcoming sequel, which hits theaters next week and he's been asked a lot of questions. However, the young actor has been having fun while out on the promotional tour and he had a pretty amazing idea for a new team-up movie with a new Marvel Studios acquisition.

Press tours can get a little bland while being asked the same questions over and over. Tom Holland and the rest of the Spider-Man: Far From Home cast are no strangers to this now, so their answers have been getting better to some of the more common questions. For instance, Tom Holland was asked about which Marvel character who has not been featured in the MCU he'd like to share a scene with. Holland had this to say.

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"I would like to do Spider-Man and Wolverine. There's a really, really interesting story in the Ultimate Spider-Man where Spider-Man and Wolverine swap bodies for a day. And like, Peter Parker wakes up in Wolverine's body."

Tom Holland is referring to the Ultimate Spider-Man #67 story Jump the Shark by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. The story popped up in 2004 and Holland could be on to something. Freaky Friday or Vice Versa, but with Wolverine and Peter Parker. It sounds like an epic idea, or at the very least a Saturday Night Live skit. Holland explains.

"And then Wolverine wakes up in Peter Parker's body, and he like goes to school and all of a sudden Peter Parker's like being this really gross, rude man and he like starts hitting on the school teacher and stuff. And then all of a sudden Wolverine, who's this really scary guy, is all like, 'Oh hey guys! What are you doing?'"

Spider-Man: Far From Home actress Zendaya was all about the idea stating, "I would love to see Hugh Jackman try to be Peter Parker." Brian Michael Bendis caught wind of the situation and he's obviously all for the idea coming together too and a bit surprised that Tom Holland mentioned one of his comics from 15 years ago. Maybe this is something Disney+ can make happen. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has promised some interesting stories for the streaming platform, and this definitely fits the bill, possibly for the upcoming animated What If series.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is already bringing in some cash overseas and is expected to have a dynamite opening next week in North America. The highly anticipated sequel hits theaters on Tuesday, July 2nd, and early estimates have it bringing in upwards of $150 million during the holiday week. Marvel Studios has been trying to further hype the sequel with the Avengers: Endgame rerelease, which just hit theaters on Friday and has some exclusive Far From Home content. You can check out Tom Holland pitching the body swap movie below, thanks to Brian Michael Bendis' Twitter account.