Sony Pictures has released behind-the-scenes footage for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which opened today in the U.K. ahead of its May 2 domestic release, featuring composer Hans Zimmer recording with his band, and B-roll from the set of this superhero sequel. In addition, we also have new information about Spider Slayers and Black Cat being featured in upcoming sequels, along with a new photo featuring Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn. Be warned, there will be some mild spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so stop reading now if you want to be completely surprised, even though this information has been rumored for quite some time.

Back in February, it was confirmed that B.J. Novak is playing Alistair Smythe in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the Marvel comics, Alistair is the father of Spencer Smythe, who created the Spider Slayer robots designed to kill Spider-Man, with Alistair eventually becoming the Ultimate Spider Slayer. It has also been widely rumored that Felicity Jones' character is Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat, which has now been confirmed, although both B.J. Novak and Felicity Jones have very small roles in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Den of Geek spoke with producer Avi Arad, who was asked if there is something more they are planning for both of these characters. Here's what he had to say, although it isn't clear when we will see these characters pop up next.

"Definitely. Everything you see that makes you think about the comics, I think you should read into it. When they'll be implemented, that's food for thought."

Matthew Tolmach added a brief statement, reiterating that these characters were planted in the movie for a purpose.

"There are no accidents."

Are you excited to see B.J. Novak and Felicity Jones as Alistair Smythe and Black Cat in the already-confirmed sequels The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man 4? Chime in with your thoughts below.