Saltshakers at the ready. A new rumor claims to know the identity of the villain who will be tormenting Miles Morales in upcoming animated sequel, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2. Not much is known about the follow-up at this stage, but a source has allegedly revealed that bad guy duties will fall to obscure Spider-Man and Daredevil villain, The Spot.

For those unaware of who The Spot is (and who could blame you), this particular member of Marvel's rogue's gallery has the ability to access and manipulate interdimensional portals which become adhered to his skin as a result of another classic comic book lab accident. You think they would have upped the health and safety regulations by now. Harnessing such a power proves to be useful in battle, as The Spot is able to transport himself or any part of his body, though he often just uses the portals, or spots, to make his superhero foes punch themselves in the face.

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While The Spot being the main Into the Spider-Verse 2 villain is currently unconfirmed, the obscure, humorous nature of the character, as well as his ties to alternate dimensions and the multiverse, would make him the perfect fit for the animated sequel.

Details surrounding Into the Spider-Verse 2 are being kept largely under wraps, but this has not stopped fans wondering which alternate versions of Spidey might find their way into the sequel. According to Chris Miller and his fellow producer Phil Lord, countless other versions of Spider-Man could factor into the project. "I think there's a bunch [of possible characters], and I don't want to say too much because there's a wide breadth of characters that are coming out of the Spider-Man universes now." Miller previously explained. "And it's really fun to be able to sort of think about plucking ones that you haven't seen before or have something interesting thematic to say."

"I have to think about that," Lord added. "That's a good question that we haven't been asked before, which is why we're sitting here going, 'We don't have a good [answer]. We are like, 'Oh, wow. We're about to go into this big junket. We might have to have an answer for that.'"

The sequel is expected to feature a larger role for Miguel O'Hara AKA Spider-Man 2099, played by Oscar Isaac in a post-credits sequence at the end of the first Into the Spider-Verse. Phil Lord has also indicated that a "Japanese Spider-Man" from the 1978 Spider-Man series will also play a part in the sequel.

Production on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 began last summer, with the sequel being produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation in association with Marvel Entertainment. Pixar alumni and animation mainstay Octavio Rodriguez is also on board, with Justice League Unlimited and Avatar: The Last Airbender's Joaquim Dos Santos set to direct from a script written by David Callaham. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is once again being produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, alongside Amy Pascal.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on October 7, 2022, with plans in place for a spin-off centred around Gwen Stacy AKA Spider-Gwen. This comes to us courtesy of Murphy's Multiverse.