Captain America: Civil War has become the highest grossing film of 2016 so far, having grossed more than $1.1 billion worldwide so far, and it is hard to imagine any other film overtaking it. Aside from the massive critical and fan response, one major factor that certainly helped drive tickets sales and excitement was the inclusion of a brand new, and by all counts very great, Spider-Man. For fans who can't get enough of Tom Holland's new version of the webslinger, some brand new concept art has made its way online that heavily features Spider-Man.

Fair warning, these images definitely contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the film. The art surfaced on Imgur and appears to be very early art, mostly from the epic airport sequence in the film. The art also appears to be very low resolution, so it is almost definitely not something the studio intended to get out right now, or at least not the way that it did. Either way, the cat is out of the bag now, and it is a pretty cool cat.

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The handful of images heavily focus on the Giant-Man and Spider-Man battle that sort of works as the climax of the epic nearly 20 minute airport battle sequence in Captain America: Civil War. Some have gone on record saying that it is the single best action sequence in all of the MCU, and this art gives a window into how some of the best moments from the sequence were first imagined. It also features a good look at Spidey when he is first charging into battle with Iron Man against Team Cap, which looks like something ripped right from the pages of a comic book.

The other images in the bundle of concept art give a few quick looks at Spider-Man's battle with The Winter Soldier and Falcon inside the airport terminal, which looks surprisingly close to what actually wound up in the film. Noticeably, there are no images of the very early homemade Spider-Man costume that is featured in the YouTube videos Tony shows Peter at his house. There is no question that Marvel probably has that art lying around, but they may want to use it for another piece of promotional material later on, possibly on the Blu Ray release.

Civil War served as the introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU, which was a deal a long time in the making between Marvel Studios and Sony. Tom Holland will be reprising his role as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming next year, with Jon Watts directing and Michael Keaton set to appear as the main villain. Be sure to check out all of the new Spider-Man concept art for yourself below.

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