Over the weekend, the Disney Channel aired a new extended sneak peek at Spider-Man: Homecoming, which revealed new details about the Tony Stark-designed suit that Peter Parker uses in this highly-anticipated superhero adventure. We learned at the end of Captain America: Civil War that Tony was working on a new suit for the young superhero, with this sneak peek featuring new footage where Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark reveals he put "everything" in this suit, including a heater, which he activates and instantly warms young Peter up. That particular scene features Tony Stark/Iron Man flying into Peter's gymnasium, and when Peter questions how he found him, Tony confirms there is a GPS system within the suit.

This 16-minute special, which surfaced on YouTube, also reveals that while this suit is very modern and high-tech, it is still faithful to the comic books, with the expressive eyes from the Steve Ditko comics. Tom Holland revealed in this special that wearing the suit was one of the most important things that has ever happened to him. Here's what the young actor had to say about the suit below.

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"The suit is one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me in my whole life. Wearing that suit for the first time was a dream come true. To this day I can't actually believe that it's happened."

We reported last month that the Spider-Man: Homecoming box office opening weekend is shaping up to be quite a big one, with box office analysts predicting a $135 million domestic debut for this superhero adventure. Of course, it's too early to tell if that projection will be accurate or not, but it is certainly shaping up to be one of this summer's biggest movies. It will hit theaters on July 7, with no other movies opening in wide release that weekend. It will be sandwiched between Despicable Me 3, The House and Amityville: The Awakening on June 30, and the highly-anticipated War for the Planet of the Apes and Wish Upon on July 14.

The cast also includes Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Zendaya playing Michelle, Jon Favreau as Tony's bodyguard Happy Hogan, Angourie Rice as Betty Brant, Michael Barbieri as Jason Macendale, Isabela Amara as Sally, Kenneth Choi playing Principal Morita, Michael Chernus as The Tinkerer and Bokeem Woodbine as Shocker. Jon Watts directs from a script by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Take a look at this new preview for Spider-Man: Homecoming below.