O.K. First, I have to apologize for the down time for the website. It's been down for approximately 18 hours. I had some domain name redirection happening somewhere else, bla, bla ,bla, etc. Whatever. We're back. Got complaints? E-mail Brock. He needs something to do.

I've added a few new things to the site this week, nothing that exciting... a links page, a search engine, an mailing list subscriber. Whooo Hoo!{@IMG:GANywl5SWLZXfxDl1BqEwMnRCqUTLE|Movie [email protected]}

Brock and I will be going to L.A. this week to be 2 of the 1300 unpaid, overworked, reject extras in the new Spiderman movie. It should be cool. I'll be attending 1 day worth of shooting.

As if that wouldn't be enough, Lights Out heavyweight, Brock Otterbacher, will be attending all 3 days of shooting. Stay tuned for the full report on from Brock & I.

Check out the brand spankin NEW Spiderman teaser in our FILMS section!

Anyone want some fun stuff? Well, all right then!

Movie Picture{3}{4}

Stay Tuned...~ Brian