O.K. First, I have to apologize for the down time for the website. It's been down for approximately 18 hours. I had some domain name redirection happening somewhere else, bla, bla ,bla, etc. Whatever. We're back. Got complaints? E-mail Brock. He needs something to do.

I've added a few new things to the site this week, nothing that exciting... a links page, a search engine, an mailing list subscriber. Whooo Hoo!

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Brock and I will be going to L.A. this week to be 2 of the 1300 unpaid, overworked, reject extras in the new Spiderman movie. It should be cool. I'll be attending 1 day worth of shooting.

As if that wouldn't be enough, Lights Out heavyweight, Brock Otterbacher, will be attending all 3 days of shooting. Stay tuned for the full report on from Brock & I.

Check out the brand spankin NEW Spiderman teaser in our FILMS section!

Anyone want some fun stuff? Well, all right then!

Movie PictureIf you haven't yet, check out the Arnold Swartzenegger prank calls. They are so funny that I watched "Jingle All The Way" 3 times this week! Trust me. These MP3's will make you crap your pants, BUT "you better leave enough room for my fist because I'm going to ram into your stomach." And that's all I have to say about that.

Another great thing on the web that I recently discovered is the Rockstar Trailer. I can't wait for this exploitation of hair spray, leather, and monster leads. Check out Mark Wahlberg in this trailer!

Last but not least. Truck Guy. He's dead. Why? An old enemy came back to haunt him. Watch Truck gracefully bow out of existence in the final episode:"I'm Done."

Stay Tuned...~ Brian

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