Spies in Disguise has flown onto Digital and we have an exclusive look at some of the bonus content. The movie stars Will Smith and Tom Holland as an unlikely duo who come together under some extraordinary circumstances. The animated spy movie also features the voices of Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, and Masi Oka. The animated movie was a hit with critics and viewers when it was released in theaters earlier this winter.

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After a successful run in theaters, grossing over $171 million globally, Spies in Disguise is now out digitally and on Blu-ray. Part of the fun of both releases is that they offer up a ton of bonus material, which we have previewed for you above. Character Development Supervisor Sabine Heller discusses what went into creating the villainous Killian character in one of the clips. There's a lot of detail that went into his face, along with his weapons that made him look like a villain without even having to announce it. Heller also discusses the design of the Ears and Eyes characters, voiced by DJ Khaled and Karen Gillan respectively.

Additionally, the Spies in Disguise home video release includes a feature-length immersive viewing experience titled "Super-Secret Spy Mode." In this feature, directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, along w/ some Blue Sky Studios designers, share the secrets of how the characters were created. There are plenty of bonus features to watch in both the Blu-ray and digital versions of the movie including Infiltrating Blue Sky Studios, The Top Secret Guide to Gadgets, "Then There Were Two" Music Video, "Freak of Nature" Music Video, Making the Soundtrack "Then There Were Two, Making the Soundtrack "Freak of Nature," "Lunch Break," Gallery, Color Keys and Moment Paintings, Locations, and Props and Gadgets Concept Art.

When Spies in Disguise was released, Tom Holland was asked about what attracted him to the voice role. The young actor is extremely busy and seems to be working all of the time within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the face of the Spider-Man franchise. Plus, he's been in a ton of other projects over the past few years outside of the MCU. Holland had this to say about taking on the role of Walter in the movie.

"Walter is a happy-go-lucky kid. He's really positive, he's excited about using his brain for good and to make a difference in his workplace. And then he's really excited by the idea of a challenge and a mission and going into the field. But what's most endearing about him is that he's trying to change The Agency's way of thinking. Instead of blowing people up and killing people, he's trying to make everyone be happy and positive and safe. So it's quite nice."

In October of 2017, it was announced that development was underway on a project based on the animated short Pigeon: Impossible, with Will Smith and Tom Holland set to voice the lead characters. The rest of the cast was announced in 2018. The movie was originally supposed to come out in January 2019 and was pushed back several times until it reached its December 2019 release date. You can check out the exclusive clips from the Blu-ray above.