Director Spike Lee slammed the idea of opening movie theaters next week. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced plans to open up local businesses starting this week, with movie theaters starting on Monday, April 27th. However, Lee is not a big fan of the idea at all. When asked about the situation, the director said, "Open Movie Theatres Now? Hell To Da Naw." Lee went on to state, "I Got A lot More Movies To Make, Not Rollin' Da Dice Wit' Da Only Life I Got. TESTING. TESTING And Mo' TESTING."

Like Spike Lee, the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) is also against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp's idea to open up theaters so soon. They also cast doubt on any theaters taking Kemp's advice. "While some states and localities are beginning to authorize the opening of movie theaters under certain conditions, the movie theater industry is also a national one," said NATO in a statement. Even if theaters do open up ahead of the summer, "new wide release movies are unlikely to be available," continued the statement.

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Whatever the case may be, some theaters across the country may actually be able to open before others, but that is still yet to be determined. "Some theaters in some areas that are authorized to open may be able economically to reopen with repertory product. However, many theaters will not be able to feasibly open," says NATO. In the Loop director and Veep creator Armando Iannucci is also against the idea of movie theaters opening up prematurely. Iannucci revealed his stance after it was announced that IFC would be donating 200 movies to theaters free of charge, starting on May 29th. "I'd like to make it clear I don't approve of any of my films being shown in US movie theaters before it's clear," said the director after it was revealed that his satire, The Death of Stalin, was included in IFC's list.

For now, it looks like big theater chains like AMC and Cinemark are looking towards July to possibly open doors again. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is standing by his words, which saw some businesses open up today (Friday, April 24th). Movie theaters have yet to open in the state and it's beginning to look like they will remain closed until further notice. For now, all eyes are on Georgia to see how the reopening process goes.

President Donald Trump praised Brian Kemp's plans to reopen Georgia's economy earlier this week. "He's a very capable man. He knows what he's doing. He's done a very good job as governor," Trump said of Kemp, only to pivot the next day and bash the Governor's plans. "I wasn't happy with Brian Kemp, I wasn't at all happy," Trump now claims. It seems that the country is receiving mixed messages as to when everything will get back to some form of normalcy. For the time being, NATO and Spike Lee don't want movie theaters to open up until it is safe to do so. Spike Lee's comments were first reported by Vanity Fair.