She Hate Me: MSNBC recently posted an interview with director Spike Lee about his upcoming project, She Hate Me...

AP: So you’re making this new movie, something with lesbians...

Lee: No no no no no. It’s called ‘She Hate Me.’ It’s coming out this summer on Sony Classics, starring Anthony Mackie — he was the young brother battling Eminem at the end of “8 Mile” — Kerry Washington, Ellen Barkin, Monica Bellucci, Woody Harrelson, John Turturro, Brian Dennehy. Q-Tip’s in it. It’s about a young African-American who gets involved in some shady things and gets set up at his company and he’s fired. Because of his predicament he puts his morals and values aside and starts a business impregnating lesbians who want to have kids.

AP: Personally impregnating them?

Lee: It depends. Any way you want it. Artificial insemination or the real thing, $10,000 each. In a month he impregnates 19 women.

AP: How far into the movie before you get to that point?

Lee: That’s the first 10 minutes (big laughter). Nah, I’m joking. But really, it’s a comedy. What’s great about this film, this is an examination of what’s happening in this country that’s really demonstrated by the Super Bowl. I’m not just talking about Janet. You look at the commercials, the rest of the halftime show, it wasn’t just Janet, it was the whole thing. So this film really talks about the moral ethic of this country, and how money is God. It’s an examination of the moral and ethical decline of America, from the boardroom to the bedroom. We deal with Ken Lay and Enron, WorldCom, (former Tyco CEO Dennis) Kozlowski, Adelphia, all these crooks.

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