Men's programming is about to Get More Action; as Spike TV launches its new slogan, it also announces their upcoming line-up of shows.

According to Variety, the cable network will debut its its first ever comedy block, greenlighting the six-part docusoap Raising the Roofs and acquiring The Dudesons, a Jackass-style stunt show from Finland set in the Arctic Circle.

Spike will also air four docu-style projects, including the one-hour special Sports Fan, about hardcore Minnesota Vikings fans.

Raising the Roofs will follow an actor (Michael Roof Jr.) trying to make it in Hollywood as his farming family comes to visit, equipped with their pet pig, Babe.

The Dudesons is about a group of best friends who dare each other to perform crazy and dangerous stunts. Spike has ordered at least eight episodes of the Finnish TV stunt show; it's been running overseas for four years.

Spike has already announced the upcoming vampire series Blade, based on the movie trilogy of the same name. The new comedy and action block will begin July 6th at 10pm on the network.