Spike TV is teaming with Bunim-Murray Productions for the reality series, Murder.

The cable network has given an order of 10 episodes on the show in which amateur detectives try to solve real-life crimes. The Hollywood Reporter adds each hourlong episode begins with the series' host, Detective Tommy Le Noir, a 20-year Texas law enforcement veteran, escorting two groups of civilians into an exact replica crime scene pulled from the files of an existing homicide case. The teams assess the crime scene, collect evidence, receive a list of potential suspects and meet with a coroner who reviews the findings of the original autopsy report.

The contestants are given 48 hours to complete their investigation and identify the killer. Each group makes a presentation to Le Noir, who then reveals what actually happened at the crime scene. Each week, the group that makes the correct - or more compelling - case will have a donation made in their names to a selected victim's charity.

No word on an airdate for Murder.