The Good

Another great TV on DVD release.

The Bad

No extras.Spin City: The Complete Third Season gives us Michael J. Fox as Deputy Major Mike Flaherty who has to run interference for Mayor Randall Winston. As the reelection approaches Flaherty has his plate full with assassination plots, teenage girl muggers, a city full of problems and just about anything that New York can throw at him. Through all of this Fox's character is aided and abetted by some of New York's finest spin masters, and in the process this show finds itself falling into comedy of epic proportions.


No extras came with this release.


Full Screen. Sadly, Shout! Factory hasn't told us what sort of Full Screen it is. Things looked solid. A few of the episodes seemed a tad dark in spots, but I think that might have something to do with the proliferation of HD programming on TVs and Blu-ray Ds. There was never a point where anything on screen looked overly compressed, I just think that maybe some of the lighting on the show didn't lend itself to TV on DVD at times.


Again, there is no listing of the sort of audio that this release contains. This is unfortunate and it is the sort of thing that Shout! Factory always does. All I can say is that I was able to hear the jokes and this is a good thing.


The front of this slipcase cover features Michael J. Fox with the cast of this show and the New York skyline behind him. The back features 4 shots from this movie, a description of what this show is about and that is about it. All 4 discs in this are stored in two slim cases making the packaging highly economical.

Final Word

Spin City is one of those shows that I never watched when it aired on TV. It played at a time when I didn't watch much much television at all. However, I am a huge Michael J. Fox fan. I loved him on Family Ties and also his big screen work. To say that he is the main reason to watch this show is misleading. He is aided and abetted by such a wonderful cast (Alan Ruck, Richard Kind, Connie Britton, etc.), that Spin City: The Complete Third Season really turns out to be a team effort.

Spin City: The Complete Third Season is a 4 disc release that deserves to be in any TV on DVD collection.

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