Disney+ censored some brief nudity in the 1984 romantic comedy Splash and it looks really bad. It appears that a tiny hint of Daryl Hannah's nude butt was too much for Walt Disney Studios to handle. This is just the latest bit of changes that Disney+ subscribers have found since the streaming service launched in November 2019. There are slight changes in Lilo & Stitch, Saludos Amigos, Gravity Falls, and other projects that were previously discovered.

Ron Howard's Splash stars Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and Disney+ has taken issue with a few scenes in the movie. Hannah plays a mermaid named Madison, who is naked in a few scenes, though nothing is really shown. In some of the scenes, Disney was able to crop around Hannah's body, which looks weird, though it's not terribly intrusive.

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However, there's one scene in particular where Hannah's Madison character runs into the ocean. In the original scene, viewers can barely see her backside since it's covered by her long hair. In the new Disney+ scene, which was discovered by Twitter user Allison Pregler, they added some CGI hair to further cover it up.

The scene now sticks out like a sore thumb as the digital hair added to Daryl Hannah's butt looks incredibly weird. It looks like it would not be out of place in Tom Hooper's Cats or like it took exactly five minutes to do. The thing that is most curious about this edit of Splash is the fact that Hannah's hair covered everything up perfectly in the original scene. There was really no reason to go back and make the changes, especially since you can still see the Hulk's nude green butt in Thor: Ragnarok.

The Simpsons contains more than a few shots of Bart's butt from over the years and every episode of the iconic show is streaming on Disney+. The 138th episode of the series even ends with a montage of yellow butts. Disney has yet to release a statement about why they edited Splash and they more than likely will not do so. Whatever the case may be, some fans of the movie are now pretty angry on social media and they have a lot to say about the censorship.

Splash was the first movie to be released by Touchstone Pictures, which was created by Walt Disney Studios. The label was started by the studio to release mature content that was more adult-oriented. The movie was rated PG for adult themes and the brief nudity, but it is far from an adult movie, especially considering what gets by these days. You can check out the newly edited version of the scene with a lot of added hair below, thanks to Allison Pregler's Twitter account. You can also see the original scene to compare the two. Both scene are SFW.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick