Netflix provided fans a first look at their upcoming animated series based on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. And a look is all they got. Many were not happy at the single image posted, showing the title and shadowy interpretation of lead character Sam Fisher. Perhaps being the last day of Netflix's Geeked Week, fans expected a little more after being teased that something was coming throughout the week.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell First Look

While the announcement revealed that John Wick creator Derek Kolstad will be onboard to write the series, it just wasn't enough to appease some of those who had been eagerly watching and waiting for the news. You would think they could have at least offered up one cast member, or a standalone image. Anything would have been better for some than this.

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"Genuinely what kind of f*cking first look is this," one user said. "This is on par with the PS5 logo reveal and the Metroid Prime 4 reveal. Why even have it as part of your show? Hyping it up with "Sam Fisher is back" even."

Many others called out Ubisoft, the makers of the Splinter Cell game series, demanding to know there the next console installment is. One said, "Give me new splinter cell game!", while another added, "@Ubisoft will literally give us every iteration of Sam Fisher but an actual new Splinter Cell game lol", a third said, "This is great and all, but gee would I cherish a new game in the series.", and a final one for the road was, "Hey @Ubisoft, stop trolling Splinter Cell fans. It's unusually cruel at this point."

A number of other users questioned who would be voicing the lead character, stating that if it is not Michael Ironside, then they have no interest in watching. For those who don't know, Michael Ironside, known by movie lovers for his roles in movies such as Total Recall, Scanners and Starship Troopers, provides the voice of Splinter Cell character Sam Fisher in the video game series. As is usual with these things, fans tend to get attached to the people who play their beloved characters, so if Netflix haven't decided to go with Ironside's services in their new venture, then questions are clearly going to be asked why.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell video game series was originally released in 2002, along with a series of tie in novels by the author of the Jack Ryan novels. With numerous entries across various consoles, the games have built a huge fan base, but since the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist way back in 2013, fans have been continually disappointed by no further additions other than an announced VR version coming soon.

While the Netflix announcement has helped the sting of knowing there is still no new installment in sight, this little glimpse of virtually nothing is a long way short of the kind of news they expected to be hearing today. With no announcement on cast or production dates, it is likely they will also have quite a wait before even the series is available.