M. Night Shyamalan's 2016 thriller Split is the next movie to come under fire as a social media campaign has been launched to have the superhero thriller removed from Netflix. Insisting that the story and characters are offensive to those suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), the hashtag #GetSplitOffNetflix has been created on Twitter with many users in support of the idea. A petition has also been launched to have the streaming service take off the movie. While the hashtag is already starting to spread worldwide, it's worth noting that Split is not currently streaming on Netflix in the United States.

The consensus of those in support of the campaign is that the movie misrepresents the way DID works in real life, giving viewers a false perception of those who genuinely suffer from the mental disorder. "Split is a movie that has caused many many many plural people & the plural community at large significant harm due to it's misrepresentation of both DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) & Plurality in which it demonises them & more," one tweet reads using the #GetSplitOffNetflix hashtag. In a follow-up tweet, the user adds: "It demonises plurality for entertainment when plural people aren't like that. Plural people need support & love."

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Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Split serves as a sequel to Shyamalan's 2000 movie Unbreakable. It follows James McAvoy as a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder with 24 split personalities. At the time, the movie was met with great success upon its release, with many critics touting it as one of Shaymalan's greatest works of cinema. It profited tremendously at the box office as well, later bringing about the 2019 follow-up, Glass. Still, the movie was criticized by some mental health advocates for stigmatizing DID, so these kinds of complaints are not new in the mental health community.

What's different now is just how successful these kinds of campaigns can be with having certain movies or television shows pulled if enough people on social media begin calling for it. Just recently, the reality shows Cops and Live PD were both yanked off the air in spite of high ratings, and some people on Twitter were even suggesting that Chase the Police Dog be removed from Paw Patrol on Nickelodeon. Many celebrities have also been getting fired or suspended in recent weeks based on various allegations against them posted online. Perhaps some of the people in the #GetSplitOffNetflix crowd also feel that the time is right to lock up Split and throw away the key as well.

Of course, the suggestion to bury Split has been pretty divisive online, as there are many other Twitter users arguing against the idea. "This is absolute nonsense. If we ban every single thing that potentially offends an oppressed community group, we would have nothing left," says one tweet in response to the hashtag. Many others echo those same sentiments as well. As of now, Netflix has not responded to the social media campaign. You can take a look at some of the tweets from both sides of the argument below using the hashtag #GetSplitOffNetflix, and you can also check out the petition to remove the movie from Netflix at Change.org.