Saw V is returning to theaters on October 24 and a lot of the franchise's old friends are coming back as well. Bloody-Disgusting got its hands on a full cast list for the film, which stars Julie Benz, Tobin Bell, Scott Patterson, Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston, Betsy Russell, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Laura Gordon, Greg Bryk and Carlo Rota, but get ready to see who else is coming back.

SPOILER: If you want to be surprised about who you see in the film when you see it in the theaters, stop reading now. Seriously. No further than right here. Last warning. OK...

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Mike Realba - Fisk

Jeff Pustil - Bernie

Shiela Shah - Special Agent Cowan

Lyriq Bent - Rigg

Athena Karkanis - Agent Perez

Justin Louis - Art

Donnie Wahlberg - Eric Matthews

Danny Glover - Detective Tapp

Behar Soomekh - Lynn

Mike Butters - Paul

Niamh Wilson - Corbett

Angus McFayden - Jeff

Lisa Berry - EMT

Bill Vibert - Officer

Tony Nappo - Gus

Timothy Burd - Obi

Brandon McGibbon - Hank

Natalie Brown - Heather Miller

Sarah Power - Angelina

Cory Lee - Jasmine

Now it was also said that these inclusions could be in the forms of cameos, flashbacks or previously-used footage. I guess we'll won't know how these individuals will be used until the film is released nationwide on October 24.