The new trailer for Man of Steel is set to debut in the very near future, although it hasn't been confirmed when it will premiere. Some believe that it may be attached to prints of Warner Bros.' 42, which hits theaters this weekend. A spoiler-filled description of the trailer has been discovered, although there is no way to prove whether or not this is accurate until the footage is actually released.

If you want to wait and see for yourself, stop reading now. If you just can't help yourself, take a look at this unconfirmed description.

"While the logo stuff is coming up we here Clark's voice saying stuff from the second trailer


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Beared Clark: I have so many questions, where do I come from?

Music kicks in, sounds like the start of Inception trailer music but more epic and less industrial. It keeps building as we start with a huge shot of Krypton. It looks very futuristic but also medievalish. A lot of the buildings look like the Washington monument, if it had been built during the renascence.

No dialogue with any of the Krypton shots. They quickly cut from on to another with the music building with each shot.

See a shot of people just walking around, very weird fashion on Krypton. Some people look like royalty, some look like geishas and some look like futuristic soldiers.

Shot of someone standing in a hall surrounded by people.

Jor-El turning around.

Zod turning around (in a different location, looked very icy)

Battle shot with lots of people fighting.

Shot of Jor-El fighting Zod. Quick of shots of Zod beating up Jor-El.

Shot of a bloody Jor-El holding a gun (?) to the back of Zod's head.

Zod and Faora in a darkened room with some circle things spinning around them. Zod's face is blacked out and he looking down but Faora is just looking straight with dead eyes. Shot zooms out to show a room with hundreds of people watching them.

Music suddenly stops and then changes to something similar to the Gladiator like music from the1 second trailer.

We see a shot from the second trailer again of Jor-El and Superman's mother kissing him and a new shot of her putting him in his spaceship (looks like a mutant turtle shell, not complaining it looked cool).

Shot of Krypton exploding.

Music cuts off.

Shot of bearded Clark looking sad in the fortress and then a shot of Jor-El looking at him, showing him the S symbol (from the comic-con trailer).

Cut to black.

Shot of man with glasses in a room full of computers and tech stuff. He sees something on one of the screens and looks scared.

Shot of Zod from trailer 2.

Shot of Zod, Faora and two other guys walking in a desert (I think)

Epic action music kicks in.

Close shots of:

*Military getting destroyed

*Buildings getting destroyed

*Soldiers running away

*People all around the world looking at TVs and computers

Lots of news voiceovers coming in very fast, some in other languages.

Shot of Superman zooming past clouds (CC).

Music swells up and becomes even more epic.

He lands in front of Zod and the two other guys. They just look at each other.

One of the guys tries to punch Superman and he just disappears then suddenly appears and punches him far away.

The other guy also tries to attack Superman and same thing happens to him.

That bit reminded me of how Wesker moved in RE5.

Shot of Superman and Zod fighting. Superman is winning and sends Zod flying.

Shot of Zod on the ground struggling to get up.

Shot of Superman walking towards him.

Superman: Stay down, I don't want to hurt you more than I already have.

Zod gets up and pulls back his hand like he's getting ready punch. Superman does the same and goes to Punch Zod.

Music suddenly becomes dark but still epic.

Shot of Faora stopping Superman's punch with a sadistic grin on her face. She looks like an evil ice queen bitch.

Shot of Superman trying to free his hand but he can't.

Quicks shots of Faora just beating the piss out of Superman spliced with other shots from the movie. For every shot of Faora beating him up, we see another shot from the movie.

Some shots that I remember:

*Fat kid pushing Clark (boy) against a locker

*Clark (boy) screaming with his hands on his head

*Clark (adult) standing in front of a grave (can't see the name)

*Bearded Clark signalling some workers to run

*Lois Lane in winter clothing

*Christopher Meloni facing Superman

*Superman punching Zod in the face

*Superman and Zod crashing into buildings (CC)

*People on Krypton dying

*Zod putting on a mask (looked like something out of Fallout 3) with his back to the camera

Through all of this we have some voiceovers.

Jonathan Kent: People are afraid of what they don't understand.

Lois Lane: Who is Clark Kent?

Ma Kent: Be a Super Man.

Zod: Do you understand, Superman? That the Universe is committing genocide?

Shot of Superman getting flung into the bank vault, and then falling to one knee (Same from CC).

Man of Steel logo

Final shot of Faora knocking Superman down to his knees and then elbowing his neck which makes Superman scream and shatter windows and topples cars."

Are you more excited for the new Man of Steel trailer now than you were before? Or do you think this is purely a work of fiction? We'll have the video as soon as it's released, so stay tuned.