Arriving just in time for Spring Break 2013 is director Harmony Korine's sex comedy Spring Breakers, which will be his most commercial film to date, solely for the fact that it features former Disney princesses Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in the leads, with a major supporting turn from James Franco as well. If the multitude of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts for this film are any indication, the film will be an unlikely hit, and the youngsters flocking to it will surely be bewildered by some of Harmony's artistic choices as a director. The man's style surely hasn't been tainted by his Hollywood cast, which is evident in this second clip from the film. Here, James Franco's Alien, a hip-hopping drug dealer, shows off his pad to the girls, bragging about his many pairs of shorts in every color and his golden bullets.

Spring Breakers Banner
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