Good ol' Sputnik Monroe. He was a white professional wrestler that helped integrate the sport all throughout the South in the 1950s. According to Variety, HBO found his life story so fascinating that they have decided to base a biopic on the subject matter.

The story will focus on Monroe's life as a civil-rights activist. Throughout his profession, he was known as "the man you love to hate." Sputnik became the most popular wrestler in Memphis, and he used that notoriety to become a champion of the civil-rights movement.

Monroe refused to provide his wrestling services when African-American audience members were not allowed to sit in the area of their choosing. He also later helped bring African-Americans into the ring itself. The wrestler died in November of 2006.

Stage and screen veteran Julien Nitzberg is set to write the screenplay, with Elysa Koplovitz producing. No word on when it will air yet.