For a character that hasn't been confirmed in any way shape or form for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there sure has been a lot of talk about Squirrel Girl lately. The talk began when actress Anna Kendrick tweeted that her brother sent her some Squirrel Girl comics because he thought she should play that character in a movie, which came shortly after Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo teased that some of the Great Lakes Avengers could show up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, a group that Squirrel Girl belongs to in the comics. Today we have word that director Edgar Wright is calling for a Squirrel Girl movie starring Anna Kendrick, and he even has some of the plot worked out.

Of course, both Edgar Wright and Anna Kendrick are likely just having some fun on Twitter, and don't have any serious plans for an actual Squirrel Girl movie. It all started yesterday when Edgar Wright revealed that the cast of his 2010 cult classic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World have played some beloved characters both before and since that movie, such as Superman (Brandon Routh), Cap America (Chris Evans), Human Torch (Chris Evans), Punisher (Thomas Jane), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Lego Robin (Michael Cera) & The Atom (Brandon Routh). He then said that the powers that be should give Anna Kendrick a Squirrel Girl movie, which lead them to start hashing out their story plans.

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The director revealed that Anna Kendrick's title character would have to fight and defeat all of the aforementioned characters in their Squirrel Girl movie, which lead Anna Kendrick to ask for some movies to watch for "inspo" (i.e. inspiration). The director told her to watch "the one where George Michael & Max Fischer have a fight," referring to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Even if the director and actress are joking, it would be interesting to see Edgar Wright return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also reported last week that Stranger Things star Shannon Purser has expressed her desire to play Squirrel Girl on the big screen.

As you know, the filmmaker was attached to direct Ant-Man for many years, before famously backing out, just months before shooting was set to begin, due to creative differences with Marvel. The filmmaker is still given a story credit on the screenplay, which he co-wrote with Joe Cornish, and they both shared screenplay credit with Adam McKay and star Paul Rudd. Both the director and the studio parted ways amicably, but it remains to be seen if the director would ever actually return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Edgar Wright is currently in post-production on Baby Driver, which is set to hit theaters next March. Anna Kendrick will next be seen in The Accountant alongside Ben Affleck while lending her voice to Trolls alongside Justin Timberlake. Take a look at this Twitter exchange between the actress and filmmaker and let us know what you think about a possible Squirrel Girl movie.