Spy Kids 3: Game Over:Variety reports that Sylvester Stallone himself will be playing the villain in the 3rd film in the Spy Kids franchise:

”The action hero's character is a longtime nemesis of the sleuthing Cortez family who traps the young heroine Carmen (Alexa Vega) in a warped virtual-reality game. Vega, Antonio Banderas and Daryl Sabara will be returning to the third picture, as will helmer Robert Rodriguez. Co-star Carla Gugino, who played Banderas' wife, Ingrid Cortez, in the first two pics, is said to be in advanced negotiations to return for 3-D. ‘I've always been a big fan of Sylvester Stallone,’ Rodriguez said. ‘His larger-than-life persona will be a great addition to the SPY KIDS 3-D universe.’"

Thanks to AICN for the scoop.

The Matrix Reloaded: A special hidden easter egg has been found at The Animatrix site by a scooper over at Ain't It Cool. If you rollover the bottom the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, a hidden link will light up with the words "Hack The Matrix". If you click, you'll be taken to the Hack The Matrix website where, by entering in various password combos, you are treated to different sorts of Matrix based content! CLICK HERE

Cradle To The Grave: Thanks to Moviegod, we've got 20 new stills from the upcoming DMX / Jet Li action film, Cradle To The Grave! CLICK HERE

For trailers, clips, and other multimedia from Cradle To The Grave, CLICK HERE

In addition, Gabrielle Union talked to About.com about her upcoming roles in Cradle To The Grave as well as Bad Boys II! CLICK HERE

The Crow: Wicked Prayer: Executive producer Edward R. Pressman told Fangoria that Edward Furlong has been officially cast to star in the latest Crow film, Wicked Prayer:

"Furlong will play Jimmy Cuervo, a young man who is killed, along with his girlfriend Lily, by a gang of Satanist bikers. Their leader, Luc Crash (BLADE II’s Luke Goss is in talks to play this role), hopes that the bloody ritual will help him become an immortal demon, but he’s soon confronted by Jimmy, who rises from the dead as the Crow to avenge his and Lily’s deaths. Production begins April 21 in either Salt Lake City, Utah or Cape Town, South Africa."

Daredevil: The action packed super hero flick opens everywhere this Friday! Check out the flaming billboard over at LatinoReview!

In addition, IGN Filmforce has acquired 10 minutes of exclusive footage from the film! We' added these clips and more to our official Daredevil Movie Vault page! CLICK HERE

Dreamcatcher:The Official website has opened it's doors completely. CLICK HERE

The Life Of David Gale:LatinoReview has tons of new pics up from the upcoming Kevin Spacey / Kate Winslet vehicle! CLICK HERE

Hellboy: Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, recently talked to CountingDown about his Hellboy stories making their way to the big screen. CLICK HERE

Sol Goode: Win a record deal from the creators of Sol Goode. For details, CLICK HERE

Starship Troopers 2:Production Weekly is reporting that the sequel to Starship Troopers is going forward with Phil Tippett onboard as director and Edward Neumier back as screenwriter.

Gigli: We reported on Dark Horizons set reports the past 2 news articles we've done, and now DH has done it again. This time an actual crew member from the film has chimed in to set the record straight on certain rumors floating around about the re-filming:

"Re-filming was "requested" by the studio (Revolution) because the test screenings were not what they wanted - it didn't test well could be said. From what I have heard, the ending was too dark compared with the build up of the first two acts. Character chemistry and plot that ended up being filmed and edited contributed to a lighter, comedic, and more heartfelt communion than maybe anticipated. Act three or the ending became darker, and maybe too dark for those attending the test screenings (usually made up of a specific socio / economic / blah, blah blah audience)."

CLICK HERE for the entire article!

Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life:Gamer.TV got onto the set of the Tomb Raider sequel recently to uncover the details of the new film:

"Everything about this film is bigger than the first, there's about two to three times more action this time around," says producer Lloyd Levin, who co wrote the script for the new film with Kirk Petruccelli. "We're much more involved with visual effects with this movie, not just in quantity, but in the ambitions of what we want to accomplish with CG."

"The film opens with an elaborate action sequence that nearly kills Lara, which paves the way for a darker tone to this second film - a route the new PS2 game is also taking. But the movie and games are not working together (other than cross-promoting - a movie trailer will be on the PS2 game in February). Lara sets out to find Pandora's Box, and she must achieve a number of objectives before finding the box. Like the games, she'll go treasure hunting. Action sequences include a water chase on jet skis in Greece and a motorcycle race across the Great Wall of China."

CLICK HERE for the entire set report! Thanks to CS! for the scoop!

Old Soldiers:Moviehole has gotten an interesting scoop on a new Christian Slater film:

"Christian Slater, Burt Reynolds and James Woods are in pre-production on a film called "Old Soldiers", to be directed by Andrzej Sekula. Timothy Dalton is also in talks for the film, set to play Slater's partner, who - with his sidekick- go head to head with a psychotic assassin. It's believed Gary Oldman was originally approached for the role. According to an insider, Slater plays an accountant who goes on holiday to Peurto Rico and gets mixed up in a private war between a bunch of ex mercenaries. It's believed that James Woods has been roped in for only a small role, at the request of the director, who he is good friends with. Director Sekula is perhaps best known for his role as cinematographer on smash hit "Pulp Fiction" (1994). He recently directed the film, "Hypercube : Cube 2". Filming on "Old Soldiers" is set to commence in March."

Thanks to 'Clint'

Robota: Reign Of Machines: Head production designer on the last 2 Star Wars films, Doug Chiang, has created an all CGI based animated series called Robota: Reign Of Machines. The official teasers and animation tests are up at Apple! CLICK HERE

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