Every Stan Lee fan is going to want Hasbro's recently-unveiled Marvel Legends action figure based on the iconic comic book creator, and pre-orders for the hot item are now available online. Bearing the unmistakable likeness of Lee, the figure was announced just last week at New York Comic-Con. At retailers like Entertainment Earth and Amazon, the product can be purchased now ahead of its shipping date next spring, meaning you can have the master proudly on display in your home just in time for the summer of 2020. Better yet, it's listed as $24.99, which seems to be a fair price for the hot collector's item.

There's lots to love about the Marvel Legend Stan Lee action figure. Standing at 6-inches tall, the figure features premium design, detail, and articulation for high pose ability and display. The figure also bears Lee's likeness as he appears in his cameo as a chess player in the 2012 movie Marvel's The Avengers. He also appropriately comes with a chess board accessory, as well as a Captain America shield brandishing his signature. The Lee figure can also easily be paired with some of the superheroes made available as part of Hasbro's Marvel Legends line of action figures, which includes Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Black Panther. Of course, many collectors may simply prefer to leave him displayed in the packaging.

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Considered to be a creative genius by Marvel fans, Lee had a hand in creating some of the comic book company's most memorable characters across multiple decades. When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was introduced to forever change cinema, Lee would be consistently honored by the filmmakers with trademark cameo appearances. Always in a different role, there was no telling where Lee might pop up next, but fans always knew to look for him. Following the death of the legend back in 2018, the physical cameos as they were had to come to an end, but even in death, Lee's strong presence remains in comic book fandom.

These kinds of action figures based on Lee only help to further preserve his legacy, proving just how popular he continues to be. In addition to the Marvel Legends action figure from Hasbro, Lee also had a new Pop! Figure revealed by Funko at New York Comic-Con. This one was based on his appearance from his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which has him wearing a spacesuit. A Wal-Mart exclusive, the Pop! figure sold out almost just as quickly as it had been listed. Of course, it's still possible to find them from second-hand sellers, but don't hold your breath on finding one for a cheap price.

The Marvel Legends Stan Lee action figure is listed to begin shipping in May 2020, but as mentioned above, pre-orders are now open for fans to ensure they get one of their own. Chances are, these things are going to start selling fast, so you might want to get in on that soon. You can pick one up for find out more information at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.

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