Todd McFarlane has been doing a lot of talking about his upcoming Spawn reboot and now he's revealed that he has planned a cameo for Stan Lee as well as himself in the movie. However, this cameo will reportedly be different than any Stan Lee cameo we've seen on the big screen thus far. Blumhouse Productions partnered up with McFarlane last summer to get the reboot moving and since then, the writer/director has had a lot to say about what the movie will be and what it won't be. Currently, the Spawn reboot will be in the vein of a Jaws type of suspense movie.

While speaking at the Ace Comic-Con in Arizona, Todd McFarlane talked about the Spawn reboot and the inclusion of himself and Stan Lee for cameo roles. Lee was on stage with him when he made the announcement about this reboot. The two joked back and forth about the art of the cameo and Lee told McFarlane that he created an "institution" with the Stan Lee cameo, which is pretty much true. Lee has been in all 17 Marvel movies released so far and even has a few in the can for some upcoming MCU movies.

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When talking about Stan Lee's cameo, Todd McFarlane told the crowd that he wanted to see a cameo for the comic legend that nobody has ever seen from him. And he means it. McFarlane plans on making a dark anti-cameo for Stan Lee. Instead of the often-goofy cameos that he has in the MCU, McFarlane wants him to be a dark, unlikeable character. He explains.

"I want to do a dark anti-cameo, unfriendly Stan Lee, and he's like, 'Todd, I'm in!' I've explained what I want to do, and he's like, 'Oh, cool. So, I'm not gonna be, like, the happy-go-lucky?' I go, 'No, you're gonna be ugly. You're gonna be this Schlitz-drinking, wife beater, three-day-old shave, snarly dude.' And he's like, 'I love it!' So, we'll see if we can pull it off."

The news of Stan Lee's planned cameo in the upcoming Spawn reboot shocked all in attendance, but the announcement that Todd McFarlane had written one for himself came as no surprise whatsoever. McFarlane has never been shy about associating himself with Spawn. He introduced the animated series and he even had a cameo in the original Spawn movie as a homeless person. We'll have to see where he takes his cameo in this superhero movie, but it will probably be a left of center.

The Spawn reboot does not have an official release date as of yet, but it is assumed that the movie will come out sometime in 2019 since production is set to begin next month. As for information about the movie, all we know is that it will be Todd McFarlane's Jaws and that Spawn will not speak in the movie. Other than that, there's not a whole lot of information floating around just yet. However, you can read more about Stan Lee's upcoming cameo in the Spawn reboot courtesy of