Fans across the world are still in mourning following the recent passing of Stan Lee. On Nov. 12, the 95-year-old comic book pioneer was transferred to the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Now, his official cause of death has been made public, and according to the reports, Lee died due to heart and respiratory failure. Lee had been battling aspiration pneumonia in the days leading up to his death, but remained "alert and positive." Lee's death certainly came as a shock, as he was photographed smiling with his protégé Roy Thomas just two days before his passing.

In accordance with Lee's wishes, a private funeral service was held for him on Nov. 16 with only his closest friends and family. His death certificate reveals that the Marvel legend was cremated, and his remains were given to daughter J.C. A Stan Lee Memorial Wall on Lee's official website lets fans provide their own tributes by hashtagging their social media posts. Many colleagues of Lee's, including several stars from the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have also written touching tributes to the fallen legend. It's needless to say that countless lives were affected in a positive way because of Lee's contributions to this world.

Comedian Bill Maher seems to be the only person with a bad thing to say about Lee's legacy. Controversially, Maher criticized the public reaction to Lee's death, downplaying Lee's success as simply inspiring people to "I don't know, watch a movie." Suggesting comic books are just for kids, Maher joked that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that "thinks comic books are important." Needless to say, fans and people who knew Lee weren't having it. The Real Time host was skewered all across social media, even prompting an official response from Lee's company.

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Although Stan Lee has passed away, he will maintain a presence through his trademark movie cameos for some time to come. Most recently, an animated version of Lee was spotted in the new movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. He has also already filmed his cameo for the upcoming Avengers sequel, and is likely to have shot scenes for other MCU movies as well. Even years after his passing, there will always be the option to have Lee Easter eggs by using photographs, animation, and other creative ways. Some fans have even suggested having Deadpool replace Lee for the cameo appearances, complete with aviators and a fake mustache.

Lee might have given the world so much over the course of his many decades of life, but he was always wanting to do more. His daughter J.C. revealed Lee had co-created one last superhero with her prior to his passing, which she hopes to see developed as a movie one day. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige also said he had discussions with Lee about having him star in his very own movie sometime soon. It's a shame this wasn't something that came to be, but the legendary creator's work will continue to shine forever. This information comes to us from TMZ.

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