Stan Lee confirmed yesterday that he has wrapped his role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which he has a cameo. It will be his 18th appearance in a movie over the past 13 years. He shows no signs of slowing down at age 92, and has hinted that director Zack Snyder and DC Comics should now put him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Will that happen? Judging from the Captain America 3 v Dawn of Justice release date standoff, probably not. But that hasn't stopped the creator of the main Marvel universe from doling out some advice to those rivals at Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

Stan Lee appeared at the London Film and ComicCon event in support of what he's spent a lifetime creating, and commented on the rampant success of Marvel's big screen endeavors.

"All it can do is make it better for Marvel if we do these movies and the movies are successful. There are people reading Marvel comic books that would have never thought to read a comic book before. It helps the comic book business. The movie business has been unbelievably incredible. The Marvel movies are about the biggest money-making movies of all."

What sort of cameo does Stan Lee have in Avengers 2? The Man didn't give any specifics, but he did hint that he will be seen with Captain America himself, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

"The movies have been great. We have been so lucky. We've got the best directors, the best special effects people and wonderful actors. People that had not been big stars before like the fellow who plays Thor (Chris Hemsworth) - he's wonderful! I was with him yesterday - I did my cameo of course [for Avengers: Age of Ultron]. And Chris [Evans] who plays Captain America... He's excellent."

Anyone who remembers the first Marvel's The Avengers shoot knows that Stan originally had a more extensive scene with Cap at an outdoor café that eventually got cut from the movie. Sounds like director Joss Whedon is making up for that.

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Stan Lee then hinted that he wants a role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which, of course, would only help that film financially.

"DC could probably make a lot more money with Superman and Batman if they announced that I'd have a cameo in it! People wouldn't believe it - they'd have to go to the theatre to see it! "

Come on Zack Snyder, put 'The Man' in the movie!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange