Marvel's Stan Lee has been through a lot over the last year and it just keeps on getting worse. It was reported that Lee's most recent business manager, Keya Morgan, was arrested on Monday after allegedly filing a false police report by calling 911 and saying burglars were in Lee's house when it was actually two detectives and a social worker who were conducting a welfare check on the comic book legend. Morgan recently inserted himself into Stan Lee's life, which is coincidentally when a lot of the negativity came to Lee.

After Keya Morgan's arrest on Monday, he made bail and is out of jail. However, Stan Lee has placed a restraining order against Morgan. It appears that Morgan was taking advantage of Lee's impaired hearing, vision, and judgment. Morgan even moved Lee from his longtime family home and prevented his family and long-time associates from getting in contact with him. When police interviewed Stan Lee about Morgan, he could barely remember his name while admitting that he had been helping him over the last few months.

Keya Morgan, a memorabilia dealer and alleged Marilyn Monroe expert, befriended Stan Lee's daughter J.C. Lee and has taken more control over Lee's life since February, preventing even his daughter from seeing him. Police have warned Morgan to stay away from Stan Lee since the beginning of the year. He even fired Lee's attorney right before they were to start discussing his estate, which is rumored to be worth in excess of $50 million. Lee has made erratic public statements over the past few weeks and many believe that Keya Morgan is behind all of it.

On the day before Keya Morgan's arrest, Stan Lee posted a video on social media where he declared that Morgan is his only partner and associate. Lee went on to say that anybody else who disputes the claim is a liar and just "making things up." Morgan than shared the video to his Twitter followers, which comes at a pretty interesting time. A quick glance at Keya Morgan's Twitter bio reveals that he claims to be a "co-creator with Stan Lee," a fact that you don't need a law degree or police badge to see as false.

Keya Morgan has been reached to comment on the story over the past few days, but he has yet to make a statement. He also has some former legal trouble that may find him in hot water for violating his probation for the false 911 call. Hopefully everything gets straightened out as soon as possible for Stan Lee. The comic legend should not have to be worrying about some stranger trying to steal his money and take credit for his ideas. Instead, he should be sitting back to enjoy the immense success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a developing story and more news is expected to drop soon. You can read more information about Keya Morgan over at The Seattle Times.

Kevin Burwick