In the never ending saga that has become Stan Lee's reality, the comic legend has had a few of his social media accounts hacked and is pleading with fans, and even Mark Zuckerberg, to help get them back. The news comes after it was announced that Lee was suing POW! Entertainment for reportedly stealing the rights to his name, identity, image, and likeness. Camsing International, the company that owns POW! Entertainment, has responded to the lawsuit, calling it "preposterous." This and the social media accounts are the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Stan Lee in 2018.

Earlier this week, Stan Lee took to Twitter to ask for the help of his fans to get access back to his Facebook and Instagram pages because they had reportedly been hacked. Lee warned to disregard any of the messages that have recently come from those 2 accounts. The messages from the Twitter seem a little off, leaving one to think that maybe his Twitter has been hacked as well. Lee explains.

"Help! Someone has hijacked my Facebook and Instagram. I want everyone to know whoever is writing them is a fraud and is impersonating me. How do I get them back? Can you guys help? My Facebook has been hacked. Can my dear fans all please send a message to @facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to help me?"

Stan Lee has been at the center of some interesting legal stories over the last several months. His representatives claim that his blood has been stolen to insert into pens in order to sign comic books, which is pretty strange. Lee has also had over $1 billion stolen from him, and a house bought in his name. If that wasn't enough, Stan Lee has been accused of sexual misconduct by caregivers and masseuses.

Stan Lee was recently seen at the Silicon Valley Comic Con early last month and Marvel fans were concerned for his health. Fans described his handlers as treating the comic legend like he was an object and not allowing him any breaks. The news broke at the same time as Lee was accusing his daughter J.C. of trying to take over his comic empire. Things have gotten so bad, or at least seemingly bad, that director Kevin Smith has offered to let Stan Lee come live with him.

In public, Stan Lee seems to be doing pretty good. He's recently been seen at the world premiere of Infinity War where he was interviewed on the red carpet and maintains that everything is going well. However, it's stories like this one and the recent $1 billion lawsuit that make it seem like there's something off. Whatever the case may be, hopefully Stan Lee is doing as well as he claims he is. You can check out some of the messages below, thanks to Stan Lee's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick