Marvel fans were concerned and angry after seeing Stan Lee at the Silicon Valley Comic Con. The concern was because the comic book legend appeared to not have fully recovered from his bout with pneumonia and angry at his handlers, who were reportedly not giving Lee proper breaks. One Marvel fan accused Lee's associates of handling him like he was, "a bag of money," insinuating that all they cared about was getting some cash for bringing Stan Lee out for a public appearance when he clearly was not ready.

Stan Lee confirmed last month that he was going to appear at the Silicon Valley Comic Con to sign autographs and provide photo ops as well. Both of the signings sold out within days and Marvel fans were excited to meet the man who is responsible for some of the biggest superheroes of all time. That excitement quickly dissipated when fans arrived at the Comic Con and realized that the events had been oversold.

Marvel fans took to social media to share their frustrations about the amount of people at the signings, but things got worse when they were able to get closer to Stan Lee. Reports that Lee looked like he was still ill were posted by many, as were claims that he wasn't given enough breaks, even though he looked exhausted. One fan said, "He was still recovering from a bout with pneumonia," while another fan added. "I'm glad he made it, but he looked like he needed more rest. Love that guy."

Stan Lee was taken to the hospital at the beginning of February for what was later revealed to be because he was battling pneumonia. However, that isn't the only trouble that Lee has had since late last year. His wife Joan passed away in July, and since then Lee has been dealing with some pretty weird money issues. It was reported last week that a former business associate stole Stan Lee's blood in an alleged attempt to make expensive pens to sign comic books with along with purchasing a condo and stealing $350,000 from Lee's back account.

Stan Lee is 95-years old, so it seems that the fan concern over the weekend is warranted. But, Lee doesn't seem like the kind of guy who does something that he does not want to do. The public reactions to Lee's appearance seem to overwhelmingly agree that he did not look like he was doing his best. Regardless, Marvel fans from around the world are hoping that he gets a break to fully recover from his battle with pneumonia, so we can see him attend the world premiere of Infinity War in a few weeks. You can check out some of the fan reactions of seeing Stan Lee at the Silicon Valley Comic Con below, thanks to SVCC site.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick