If you've been anxiously awaiting the next big screen appearance of Stan Lee, you're in luck. The man returns next weekend in the all-new Phase 3 adventure Doctor Strange. But what may be interesting about his cameo is that he wasn't directed by Scott Derrickson, like the rest of the cast. No, Stan Lee has his own director. And it will be that way for his next four movies.

So, who got the honor of directing Stan Lee in Doctor Strange? None other than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn. Director Scott Derrickson let the cat out of the bag. And this may be why the Stan Lee scenes all seem kind of like their being phoned in from a different movie altogether. Says Derrickson to Entertainment Weekly.

"It's a big deal for a 93-year-old man to go to a movie set and spend a day shooting,. James shot four cameos with Stan in one day. James was texting me the frame. Does this look right? Does this look good?"

Director Scott Derrickson went onto reveal that he didn't even get to meet Stan Lee until the day of his Doctor Strange premiere. But as luck would have it, Stan Lee loved the movie. And he officially put his stamp of approval on it. Says the director.

"I talked to him on the phone, and he grilled me pretty well. By the end of the conversation, he was very happy."

Last month, Marvel big boss Kevin Feige let it slip that Stan Lee had already shot all four of his upcoming Marvel cameos for this, and next, year. It hasn't been confirmed what the cameos are beyond Doctor Strange, though. It is believed that the other three movies are James Gunn's own Guardians sequel, Thor Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming. All of which arrive in 2017. About the cameos, Feige says Stan Lee 'was unbelievable' and 'on fire'.

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"He came in, he sat here, he stood there, he stood in this window, and then he went home."

Doctor Strange makes its big debut in theaters this coming Friday. This will set up the next three Marvel movies, and Guardians 2 and Spider-Man to follow next summer, with Thor coming Winter 2017. Interestingly enough, Scott Derrickson and James Gunn aren't the only directors who worked on Doctor Strange. One of the post-credit scenes was shot by Thor 3 director Taika Waititi. It was truly a Marvel family affair.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange