Legendary Marvel Comics editor Stan Lee is arguably most known for making humorous cameos in Marvel movies for the past 18 years, and it looks like his cameo appearances will keep going for the next three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

While Stan Lee's cameos have become something of an icon for the MCU, many fans have begun to worry that we may not see many more of them, especially considering that Stan Lee has not appeared to be in the best health in recent months. A couple of years ago, news broke that Stan Lee had shot a large number of cameos all at once for Marvel Studios, but it looks as though all of those cameos have been utilized over the past few years in movies such as Black Panther and shows like Agent Carter.

In an interview with BBC Radio, Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo shed some light on the future of Stan Lee's cameos, and Marvel's new process on making his appearances. Here is what he had to say.

"So, Stan, typically we try to get him out, he doesn't love to fly, so we try to get him out for his cameos around the same time. So if we have other movies shooting on the same lot that we're on, for instance [Ant-Man and the Wasp] or Avengers 4, we group his cameos together and then move him from one set to the next and kind of get him through his cameos in one day."

This confirmation of cameos is certainly a relief for a number of Marvel fans who love seeing Stan Lee pop up in the movies, and it's rather interesting to learn about Lee's process of filming these cameos. While he likely shot each appearance one at a time during the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would make sense that Marvel Studios would try to knock out multiple cameos at once for the 95 year old man.

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Stan Lee's first ever cameo was in 2000's X-Men, where he appeared in the background on the beach. Since then, he has gained more of the spotlight, with him actually having lines in most of his cameos today. His cameos have become so common that the last time Stan Lee didn't have a cameo in a Marvel movie was in 2015's Fantastic Four, which was probably for the best considering how poorly that movie panned out to be.

Fans should be excited to know not just that they will see Stan on-screen again next week in Avengers: Infinity War, but also that we will be seeing him multiple more times throughout the next year. While there is no word yet on whether or not Stan Lee will make an appearance in Deadpool 2, we can assume that he will appear based on the style of the Deadpool movies.

Many fans worry that Stan Lee's cameo-ing days are soon coming to an end, but this interview from BBC Radio says otherwise. Rest assured, Stan Lee's cameos are here to stay for at least another year.