Just last week, comic book legend Stan Lee took to social media to announce that a few of his accounts had been hacked, looking for help from fans. And now, Lee has revealed that he wants to be president of the world, asking fans if they'd vote for him. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps working out the way that it has for the last 10 years, Lee may actually get his wish. The recently released Infinity War is still breaking records and just passed the $600 million mark domestically.

Stan Lee took to Twitter yesterday to announce that he would like to be president of the world. He notes that he knows that there's a President of the United States, but that's not good enough for him. Gauging by the fan reactions, Lee probably launch a successful presidential campaign for the United States at the very least. Nearly 100,000 people have liked the tweet with nearly 20,000 retweets as of this writing. Lee said.

"The United States has a President, but I want to be the President of the world. Who will vote for me?"

While there isn't a president of the world position at this time, Stan Lee could run for president. Ronald Reagan was an actor before he took office to serve to terms and current President Donald Trump is the oldest sitting president thus far, who also comes from an entertainment background as well. The State of the Union address could possibly see the reunion of the Avengers and he could make Robert Downey Jr. vice president or maybe Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige.

As far as recent controversies surrounding Stan Lee, they are really nothing compared to the scandals that are currently rocking the White House. Plus, nobody has tried to steal Donald Trump's blood, that we know of. All kidding aside, it looks like Stan Lee finally got all of his social media accounts back up and running and appears like he's having a great time interacting with Marvel fans online. Earlier this week, he took time out of the day to give props to Tom Holland's portrayal of Peter Parker, noting that he looked exactly like the image he always had in his head.

Regardless of all of the recent negative news surrounding Stan Lee lately, he seems to take it all in stride. He was recently seen at the Infinity War world premiere and is still making public appearances after allegations that he was the victim of elder abuse. While there may be some weird things happening behind-the-scenes, the comic book legend still has his trademark sense of humor firmly intact. You can check out the announcement of world president, below, courtesy of Stan Lee's Twitter account and make sure to check out the comments. Lee has definitely left a positive impact on the world.

Kevin Burwick