Stan Lee fans will be able to pay tribute to the comic book legend at a public memorial. POW! Entertainment is currently planning a celebration of Lee's life, but there is currently no other information in regard to the event. Lee wished to have a private funeral, which his friends and family honored earlier this week. Now, fans will get their chance to get together with other Marvel fans and pay tribute to Stan Lee in a way that he would've have loved.

POW! Entertainment isn't sure when the public memorial for Stan Lee will take place, but it is going to happen when the time is right. The company states that it's a "monumental task," and they want to be able to pull off in the right way. With that being said, they hope to have more information about the event in the next handful of days. In the meantime, fans have been directed to the tribute wall at Stan Lee's official website. Considering that next week is Thanksgiving, POW! might hold off on announcing anything until the week after.

Stan Lee passed away earlier last week at the age of 95. The last year of his life was tumultuous, and started with the death of his wife Joan in July 2017. Since then, Lee has been in the news quite a bit. Accusations of elder abuse, restraining orders, blood being stolen, money being stolen, police calls, and health problems plagued Lee during his final year. However, when all was said and done, Lee was all smiles and still humbled by the love that the received from his beloved fans.

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While Stan Lee wanted a private funeral service, one of his last videos talked about how much he loved the fan community. After a pretty rough year, Lee was touched by how much positivity that complete strangers brought to his life on a daily basis, which is something that he never lost sight of over the years. Due to health complications, Lee had to stop making public appearances, including one of his favorites: San Diego Comic-Con. He made apologies to all of his fans and was genuinely sad that he couldn't make it down to sign some stuff and hang out with his loyal fans.

Beautiful tributes to Stan Lee have been flooding in over the course of the last week. There have been celebrity tributes on social media, along with fans posting their thoughts and respects as well. Additionally, there has been a lot of amazing fan-art that has been created, showing what a huge impact Lee and his creations had on the world. The tributes aren't going to stop there. POW! is trying to put together something special for fans to pay tribute to Stan the Man. You can check out the public memorial information below, provided by Stan Lee's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick