It has been officially announced that comic book legend Stan Lee will no longer appear at public signings and conventions. However, he will still do some select private signings that will be pretty costly for fans. Over the last year, Lee's life has been very public news and it seems that only recently have things started to get back to normal. Marvel fans were concerned after Lee looked weak and frail at a convention back in April of this year, which caused an uproar on social media.

Now that Stan Lee is back and under the good care of Jonathan Bolerjack, it has been announced that he will no longer attend public signings and conventions. Bolerjack says that Lee has been taken advantage of for monetary gain over the last year, and they're putting a stop to that practice immediately. Additionally, Lee is 95-years old and not able to physically sign hundreds, if not thousands, of books a day like he used to do. Bolerjack had this to say.

To be very clear, Stan is 100% not doing any conventions / public signings. In the last few years his wellbeing had been compromised by people for monetary gain and that practice is over. His private signings had also been paused for a month while Stan's life gets back to normal and time could be given to review signing deals made by previous people involved in Stan's life. As of this week Stan is signing a very small amount of items per week at his discretion, some for Desert Wind. This has proven frustrating for some as people are used to Stan signing hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of books a day, however my concern is for Stan's health and wishes so he signs what he wants when he wants, which is as it always should be."

Jonathan Bolerjack mentions Desert Wind Comics in his statement, which will hold a private signing event. Stan Lee is scheduled to appear, but the dates and a location have yet to be revealed due to security reasons. As for the costs for Lee's signature, fans are going to have to be prepared to spend quite a bit of money for it, which is something that Lee deserves after all of these years. A representative for Desert Wind Comics and sister company Celestial Comics released a statement to reveal how much it will cost for different items. The statement reads.

"The price to get a modern tier book signed and graded is $180. That price includes grading of a modern tier book, our witnessing and handling fee and Stan's signing fee. Non-graded comic books or raw items like posters and toys are priced beginning at $160 and depend on the size and value of the item."

It seems that the days of easily obtaining Stan Lee's signature are over. This should give Lee the time to relax and enjoy his life. Though he clearly enjoys interacting with Marvel fans, he is 95-years old and needs to have a life that belongs to him. It clearly seems that Jonathon Bolerjack has Lee's best interest in mind, which is a lot different from what fans witnessed back in April when it was alleged that Lee's handlers were forcing him to sign merchandise when he seemed ill.

While Stan Lee is no longer appearing in public for signings, it will make the private signings that much more special. For one, they won't be as frequent, and two, there will be less people around because they don't want to shell out nearly $200 for an autograph. Hopefully, this will give Lee a better quality of life and give him more time to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his fan-favorite cameos. You can head over to Bleeding Cool to read more about Stan Lee retiring from the convention circuit.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick