The last handful of months have been pretty interesting for Marvel comic icon Stan Lee. Lee's wife Joan passed away this past summer, and it seems that ever since then, a weird story involving the legend has popped up in the news every few months. It was reported at the beginning of the year that the LAPD had been called to Lee's home over a dispute with former bodyguard, Max Anderson, which has left the residence under 24/7 surveillance ever since. Now, it's been reported that a former business associate stole Stan Lee's blood in an attempt to make expensive Marvel ink pens.

The unidentified former business associate allegedly forged a document and gave it to Stan Lee's personal nurse to extract the blood. Sources claim that the man was able to collect several vials of blood, which left Lee dizzy. Lee's friend and partner Keya Morgan is the one that discovered what had happened after she caught wind of someone trying to make custom Marvel pens with Lee's blood infused in the ink. Stan Lee's lawyer is on the case and they're trying to put a stop to the pens as soon as possible.

It is believed that this is the same former business associate that bought an $850,000 condo in Stan Lee's name and stole $300,000 from his bank account as well. These reports surfaced earlier this year after Lee was hospitalized and after reports of sexual misconduct began to appear in the press. The former business associate's name has yet to be revealed, but fans are to be warned to keep an eye out for some crazy expensive pens claiming to have Stan Lee's blood in them.

It's not clear who would really want such a morbid artifact to begin with, but people buy all kinds of weird stuff these days. However, this wouldn't be the first time that Marvel Comics has dealt with blood. Back in 1977, the rock band KISS received their own comic through Marvel in which the first issue was partly printed from their blood. Each band member donated their blood under witness from a notary republic where the blood was reportedly mixed with the red ink to print the comics. As outlandish as it seems, it's actually true. But, it's highly unlikely that these so-called Marvel pens with Stan Lee's blood would've been an official product.

It's about time for Stan Lee's life to get back on track. There's plenty to celebrate with the smashing success of Black Panther and the highly anticipated Infinity War, which comes out in just a few weeks now. Additionally, Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters this summer, and all of these movies feature cameos from Stan Lee. Marvel is at the top of their game, pulling off an unprecedented epic battle with Infinity War and redefining what it means to have an interconnected universe. You can read more about Stan Lee's blood getting stolen from TMZ.

Kevin Burwick