Stan Winston: While at the Chicago Wizard World convention the folks over at Bloody Disgusting has a chance to talk to make-up and creature master Stan Winston (Jurassic Park,Terminator, Peal Harbor). Although he didn't say much he did give some clues about a few projects everyone has been keeping their eyes on. Here are some highlights:

- Jurassic Park 4 is in its very early scripting stage.

- Alien vs. Predator is still stuck in script stage

And he had a few thing to say about a certain Terminator film currently shooting. The most important of which is that the full teaser trailer with actual footage should be hitting the world sometime in the next few months.

CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Terminator 3: Speaking of T3, Cinescape has landed a nice shot of the soon to be released T3 teaser poster and mentions that the first teaser trailer, the one with the morphing metal, has already hit the net.

Matrix: Reloaded: Remember a few weeks ago when I mention the huge 14 minute long ending sequence they were shooting for the Matrix Reloaded sequel? Well the folks over at The Matrix Online had some freinds on the set of the enormous shoot and were lucky enough to get four excellent pictures of the helicopter being used

CLICK HERE and check them out!

Superman Vs. Batman: Well the rumors we had been hearing for months are now officially true. Wolfgang Peterson (Das Boot, Outbreak) has signed on to direct the upcoming superhero film for Warner Brothers. He also let slip quite a bit of very interesting info. Over at the Hollywood Reporter Peterson has been quoted as saying,

- There will be 3 great parts for women.

- The story will take place in both superhero's home towns,

- And, "Superman stands for what is powerful, clear, bright, noble and just; Batman is dark, obsessive and vengeful. Because they are so different, they will inevitably end up clashing. It will be a battle of the titans."

He also claims that he will have the lead roles cast in the next few weeks! Very exciting stuff.

Thanks to Aint it Cool, and The Hollywood reporter

John Williams: The website OC Register is currently running an excellent interview with the man behind the music. If you are interested in music scores at all, and I know from the past few weeks in he forums that some of you are, then this interview is a must read. Among its highlights are...

- The fact that, at 70, Mr. Williams writes for full orchestras in full score as he goes. Unlike others in Hollywood he does not use someone else to fill out the other parts of his musical visions.

- "Williams is already signed up for "Indiana Jones 4" and "Star Wars Episode III" with Spielberg and Lucas, as well as "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

Believe me, CLICK HERE to read the rest. It is well worth it!

Resident Evil 2: Nemesis: According to Empire OnlineResident Evil director Paul Anderson has dropped a with tidbits about the sequel to last years hit.

- The film is still being written, by Anderson himself.

- Production should start next year.

- And, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira from the game will be introduced.

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