SciFi Wire reports that creature-effects supervisor, John Rosengrant of Stan Winston Studios, met with director Jonathan Mostow recently to discuss a 4th Terminator movie.

"It's too early to figure out what a new Terminator would look like, or anything like that," said Rosengrant. RELATED: Terminator Producer Says Franchise Has Future, Knows What It'll Take to Make It Great

Rosengrant said it is too early to figure out what a new robot from the future would look like if the franchise were to continue. "You usually don't do that kind of thing," Rosengrant said about designing a new Terminator. "You see the script and what spark comes from that, [talk] with the director and see what the vision is. It does no good to dream it up unless you write a treatment and try to get out there and sell it yourself."

"I know Jonathan Mostow said he had a script idea for it, and I did talk to him, and he did say that, but I don't know," Rosengrant said. "I keep hearing that there's going to be a Terminator 4. That's all it's been, just rumblings."

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